Rakuten Marketing has released its latest Rakuten Marketing Insights report, Consumer Online Ad Sentiments: What Needs to Change About Online Advertising. The research reveals global consumer attitudes about online advertising, including their low tolerance of interruptive ads – a contributor to the $22 billion of ad revenue lost to ad blocking.

Over the last 20 years, there has been outstanding innovation in ad tech. But while technology is thriving, the consumer experience is suffering. The Rakuten Marketing Insights report shows that most consumers believe online advertising has stayed static or gotten worse over time. 82 percent say that too much advertising interrupts their online experiences, particularly ads that pop-up and cover content, pre-roll video ads, and ads that are delivered through push notification.

The good news is that not all advertising is bad:

  • 80 percent of U.S. consumers say advertising is valuable when it aligns with their needs or interests.
  • 81 percent say ads are OK when the content is useful and doesn’t interrupt their online experience.
  • Better customization to likes, lifestyles and interests is one of the top two things consumers wish would change about online ads.

Rakuten Marketing is taking action on these findings by launching a leadership movement that calls on the industry to Save the Web. Through this initiative, Rakuten Marketing will help advertisers and publishers create positive ad experiences by providing insights, technology and strategies that clearly reflect the relationships consumers have with their brands. The goal is to promote greater transparency, create more meaningful consumer engagement, decrease ad blocking, and increase revenue opportunities.

To find the full Rakuten Marketing Insights Consumer Online Ad Sentiments results, please visit: https://rakutenmarketing.com/save-the-web. Follow Save The Web on Facebook to get ongoing updates, insights and news about consumers’ relationships with online advertising.