In this Interview with an Influencer, we talk with influencer McKenna Wesley, founder of Bubbly Blonde, which offers fashion and lifestyle advice to followers. McKenna gave us insights on how she got started as an influencer, what her followers value most from her content, and how advertisers can make a good partnership with her.

McKenna Wesley is passionate: about lifestyle and fashion, about high-quality content, and about making sure her followers find exactly what they’re looking for when they visit her site, the Bubbly Blonde (SID: 3228686), or follow her on one of her social media platforms, such as Instagram. In this interview, we asked McKenna how she got started as an influencer, how she built her following, what’s important to her community, and how advertisers can make a great affiliate partnership with her.

Read the full interview below, and be sure to stop by the influencer marketing panel she’ll be participating on at Symposium Scottsdale this Thursday at 2:00 PM MST!

How did you get started as an influencer?

Bubbly Blonde: I have literally had a lifelong love affair with fashion, beauty, and travel. I began modeling when I was 6 weeks old and never stopped. My mother casually mentioned about 9 years ago that I should become a fashion and beauty blogger- which I ignored! (Sorry Mom) Then in 2014, someone mentioned I should be a blogger and something just clicked inside of me at that moment. The next day I named my blog The Bubbly Blonde  Life, purchased my web presence and immediately departed on a completely unknown, life changing adventure! In the beginning, the more I learned about blogging, the more I realized I needed to learn. It’s been an amazing and fabulous journey! Blogging has taught me a lot about many interesting aspects of life.

How did you get started with building a following?

BB: I began with Facebook, by simply asking my friends and their friends to like and follow my page. Slowly my followers began to grow and stick! Instagram has proven to be my best social platform so far.

Did any posts in particular help?

BB: A 10-second video filmed from my phone (where I  talked about a simple pink dress and my accessories) took off for some unknown reason – it had over a million views in less than three weeks! At that point, I knew I was on to something that didn’t appear to have limits. I realized I was in charge of creating something fantastic and that was a great turning point for The Bubbly Blonde Life.

What do you feel is most important to your community?

BB: Truth.

How do you provide that in your content?

BB: I only post items I use, have worn, will wear or use in the near future. It keeps my posts honest, which I know my followers and community appreciate.

Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s needs?

BB: Truthful interaction is very important to me and I support truth on my blog. If I’m not honest with my followers, it only will bounce back on me in a negative way. Not happening! ?

Can you tell me a bit about the relationship you have with your followers?

BB: I believe my followers trust me and feel as though I am either their good friend, a trusted sister or someone they can escape with from day to day life. I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel and from all my modeling days, can still model a great outfit. I also choose to live in the moment with a positive attitude and believe my followers appreciate that big time. There’re enough problems in everyone’s lives, why not share good and happy things? Truthfully, there are days when I don’t feel like The Bubbly Blonde myself, but once I get started writing a blog about a great new find or am on a beautiful location for a photo shoot, it all comes together and any negatively fades away as I embrace and share The Bubbly Blonde inside of me.  I love making people happy and from my follower’s responses, they like and appreciate it too.

Makes me happy!