There’s a lot at stake for brands this holiday season. eMarketer projects that 2019 will be the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season. With interest running high and shoppers ready to spend, brands need to ensure their marketing efforts are optimized for success across the entire shopping journey.  Since consumer buying habits change during the holidays, it is important to understand purchasing trends to better reach, engage and convert ideal customers.

unwrapping the holiday shopper, holiday consumer shopping habits

According to our newly launched holiday consumer survey report, Unwrapping the Holiday Shopper, 72% of consumers plan to spend up to $1000 on their holiday gifts, with 55% planning to purchase online. Additionally, 64% of consumers responded that they’re more likely to buy a gift that was brought to their attention via advertising. When looking at customer segments, 45% of Millennials shared that they use social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat not only for browsing for gifts, but also for making holiday purchases.

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Data in Unwrapping the Holiday Shopper is based on a Rakuten Marketing survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted in the Fall of 2019.  The survey reveals insights including:

  • The most popular times consumers plan to shop
  • Demographic-based shopping preferences
  • What inspires consumers’ holiday wish lists
  • What type of advertising drives consumer purchases

Download the report today and stay tuned for more holiday content for digital marketers.

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