The first major online shopping day of the 2019 holiday season is on Monday.

November 11 is Veterans’ Day in the US. It’s also Singles’ Day, an online sales holiday which began in China in the 1990s as a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day movement which has since grown to be the largest online sales holiday in the world.

single's day 2019, marketing tips for singles daySo, what is Singles’ Day all about, exactly?

Singles’ Day is, at its core, about treating yourself. With shoppers starting to think about buying holiday gifts, retailers can weave in Singles’ Day messaging to get shoppers thinking about buying something for themselves as they are doing some early holiday shopping for the people on their lists.

While primarily a Chinese holiday, interest in Singles’ Day has gradually spread to the US thanks in part to Chinese consumers who have migrated to the US and in part because Western brands are participating in the event.

Which types of brands stand to benefit the most?

In short, the kinds of products that one buys when they need a little self care.

This runs the gamut from cosmetics brands that can position themselves as giving consumers an opportunity to try out a new look to hotels offering rooms in relaxing destinations to experience-focused brands that can position themselves as giving consumers an opportunity to live out a dream or learn something new.

singles day, china shoppers, us singles day marketingOkay, cool. So how do I get in on the fun?

Singles’ Day in China has historically been a content driven event featuring interactive games and videos.

Reach out to your publisher partners this week to see if they might be willing to feature a couple of your products in a Facebook Live or Instagram story. Offer higher commission rates around Singles’ Day to ensure that your posts are being seen during prime shopping hours.

For more information on Singles’ Day, including which types of products are popular during the event and how you can take advantage of a spike in business, check out Rakuten Marketing’s APAC blog.