With so many industry leaders to meet and key insights to take in, managing networking at large conferences can feel unmanageable! We want to make networking a breeze, that way you come out with ROI-generating connections. Here are our five top networking tips on how to use our event app, Pathable, and what to expect at DealMaker New York 2019.

1. Plan Ahead With Pathable! pathable, dealmaker new york, rakuten affiliate network

Pathable, our event app, makes it easy to connect, discuss, check updates, schedule meetings with other attendees, and oversee the agenda for DealMaker New York. The community within the app just launched and is ready for you to start scheduling meetings! Look out for a registration invitation email and take advantage of everything Pathable has to offer.

2. Be Flexible and Schedule in Some Free Time

You never know who you will meet at the event so be sure to allow for impromptu meetings in your schedule. Connections can be made in elevators, lobbies, and even at the after party. Plan ahead for this by leaving room for breaks in your schedule or when meetings don’t go as planned. If a meeting falls through, that is a great time to make a new connection. Our staff members are happy to help facilitate introductions. There will be ample opportunities for less traditional meetings to take place between the content, networking sessions and eating and drinking scheduled in!

3. Make Yourself Memorable

networking tips, affiliate marketingNetworking events allow for digital connections to step away from the screen and come to life. Put your best self forward and start the conversation off with a smile. Plan ahead by bringing business card to ensure you can stay in touch even after the event ends. This is the time to connect with the prospects you’ve been meaning to meet with. Make sure they remember you after the conversation ends!

4. Connect Digitally

Once you’ve made a connection in person, follow it up by connecting online to continue the relationship. Engage with attendees via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and see what they have been up to. Share meaningful experiences at the event and tag your newest connections. This is a great way to show your followers and industry peers what you are up to at the event and expose them to the key content. Be sure to use the event hashtag #rmevents.

5. Follow Up Right Away 

networking event tips, dealmaker new yorkJust because the event ends doesn’t mean your newest connections need to. Despite your busy schedules, try to follow up within 24 hours so your conversation can easily be remembered. Personalization is key here, make sure they remember you by referencing the noteworthy conversations you had. You can include lingering questions and even propose a follow-up call in your email to keep them engaged and the conversation flowing.

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