In our latest Rakuten Marketing Radio marketing podcast episode, we sat down with Stuart Simms at DealMaker Scottsdale to discuss omnichannel marketing, consumer behavior, and more. 

[Podcast] Interview with Rakuten Marketing President Stuart Simms

DealMaker Scottsdale, Marketing Podcast, Stuart Simms, Consumer BehaviorIt was a calm morning when Rakuten Marketing President Stuart Simms sat down with me for this interview. Marketers slowly filed out of their resort rooms to get an iced coffee or some brunch. The music and dancing from the previous night’s afterparty were replaced by rushing infinity fountains and chirping birds. A few people discussed which golf course they would be heading to later that morning. Others discussed what time they were leaving for the airport. Everyone had a smile on their face.

Stuart and I sat a bit further away from the small crowd of marketers, next to one of the infinity fountains. A microphone to record the interview for the Rakuten Marketing Radio marketing podcast was between us on the table. An open laptop lid in front of me displayed a list of questions, ranging from consumer behavior and trends to marketing challenges. I had to put my hand over the screen to block out the sun’s glare.

It’s hard to capture the excitement of speaking to a marketing expert like Stuart. Although he had only recently been appointed President of Rakuten Marketing, you could sense the ambition and plans he had for the direction of the company. He shared that with me during our interview. You can hear those insights and expertise right now for yourself in our latest episode of Rakuten Marketing Radio.

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