Have you been wondering how to convince your boss to send you to Symposium Scottsdale?

We’ve packaged up ten reasons to help you justify the event and easily send along to your boss. You’ll find more extensive reasoning following the image below.

“This was one of the most thought out affiliate conferences I have ever attended.”
– Rick Parada, Managing Director, Dealam / 55haitao

1. Attendees of Symposium Outperformed the Network! 

Our clients, both advertisers and publishers, who attend Symposium outperform the rest of the network. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to really increase relationships, revenue and really optimize your affiliate program!

Advertisers Publishers
• 8% in # of relationships • 13% in # of relationships!
• 24% in # of orders  •15% in # of orders
• 17% in GMS • 81% in GMS

2. Guaranteed Face-to-Face Networking  

  • Did you know over 2,100 meetings were requested prior to the event last year? We suggest a mix of pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings for the best success. Be sure to have open time for a potential partner that you may not have seen via Pathable. Sometimes the best connections are still made over a cocktail, or two.

3. More Meeting Space Than Ever Before

  •  Sunshine + Networking = Advanced Productivity. You asked, we listened! Not only do we have more on-site meeting space we have added an outdoor meeting location. Build new partnerships and ignite the old!

4. Build Your Online Presence 

  • With over 1,900 social network connections were made through Pathable last year, we know you’ll leave with a new rolodex of contacts.
  • We bring online and offline together to help you facilitate additional conversations and connect with attendees via the conference hashtag #RMevents. See who else is talking about it and follow them! (Don’t forget to return the favor and follow back!)

 5. Networking Platform to Connect Ahead of the Event

  • Last year 83% of attendees used Pathable, our private online event network and community, to build relationships and set-up meetings in the weeks leading to the event.  This year, we hope it’s 100%. You can also easily check out attendee profiles and send private messages. Get networking, now!
  • Pro tip: Make sure to upload your photo to Pathable to make networking even easier!

6. Your Prospects (and Competitors) Are Attending 

  • Don’t miss out on meeting prospects in person, after months of back and forth between phone calls and emails, you can finally shake hands with that perfect partner you’ve been waiting to work with. We don’t mean to brag, but our attendee list will impress, that also means your competitors are likely attending. See the past attendees here.

7. We Will Keep You Energized 

  • We selected a venue where all attendees can easily stay on-site, throughout the two event days, to help you maximize your time at the event. Between coffee, lunch on the patio, the Stay Well Lounge and cocktails, we will keep you energized, hydrated, and happy and well fed all day!

8. We Help You Do the Work 

  • Symposium is the perfect opportunity to let our client services team shine. Client account managers and network development teams will help you schedule and prepare for meetings, drive partnerships, and build your agenda!

9. Actionable Takeaways to Maximize ROI 

  • Our symposiums always provide an opportunity for you to learn. Whether through revealing new data with Forrester or sharing laughs with Rainn Wilson, we promise engaging and strategic content from every speaker. You’ll walk away both inspired and ready to take action!

10. You’ll Share the Goodie Bag! 

Visit our Symposium Scottdale page on the website to learn more about the event. Questions? Reply in the comments section or email events@mail.rakuten.com and we’ll get back to you!

See you in AZ!
Krystyna & the RM Team!