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We hope to see you at DealMaker Scottsdale (formerly Symposium Scottsdale) on February 19th – 20th, 2019 in sunny Arizona! This marketing networking event gives you an opportunity to see the affiliate world come to life!

If you need help convincing your boss to send you to DealMaker Scottsdale, be sure to send this their way!

Here are 10 reasons why you should join us in Scottsdale:

1. Attendees of DealMaker outperform in the network

  • Our clients, both advertisers and publishers, who attend Symposium out-perform the rest of the network. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to really increase relationships, revenue and optimize your affiliate program!
  • Advertisers and Publishers who attended Symposium Scottsdale 2017 (now DealMaker) did better in the network!
    • Advertisers’ net sales revenue increased 17% year-over-year
    • Advertisers’ increased orders over 15% and net sales were up over 16% following the event by more than advertisers who did not attend
    • Publishers’ commission increased over 18% year-over-year by Advertisers who attended.

2. Guaranteed face time with clients AND prospects!

  • Over 3,200 meetings were requested prior to the event last year, that’s an increase of 400 meeting requests year-over-year. We suggest a mix of pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings for the best success. Our online community opens early so you can do optimal pre-event planning.

dealmaker scottsdale, rakuten marketing, networking event, affiliate event3. Every year we add more! See what we have in store for you in 2019.

  • Look out for details on the Keynote Speaker coming soon!

4. You will build your online and offline presence with the industry through networking segments.

  • DealSpace (formerly DealMaker) is a three-hour block of pure networking where advertisers and publishers host tables and attendees mix and mingle through the room (complete with snacks and drinks!).
  • Day one is dedicated to networking. The event hosts both Jump Start Networking and the Welcome Reception! Jump Start Networking is designated meeting space that is available all day for our advertisers and publishers to meet with one another. Attendees can pre-schedule meetings via our Pathable community when it opens.

5. You can network, schedule and plan before the event through our online community — this makes your time the most efficient on-site

  • In 2018, 2,379 social media connections were made via Pathable! Expand your network while at DealMaker.
  • Our networking community Pathable is an easy way for you to connect, discuss, check updates, schedule meetings with other attendees and oversee the agenda for DealMaker Scottsdale 2019. The community will open soon, be sure to sign-in to your profile and get scheduling when you receive in the invitation.
  • In 2018, 2,379 social media connections were made via Pathable! Expand your network while at DealMaker.

6. Your prospects (and competitors) are attending. Think about making an extra splash on-site through sponsorship opportunities!

  • Rakuten Marketing Sponsors do better. Our data shows that most companies that have invested in an event sponsorship opportunity outperform their peers in the Rakuten Affiliate network year over year. Sponsors outperformed Rakuten Affiliate Network in relationships by 73% and network revenue by 29% year-over-year. 100% of these sponsors stated that they felt that their involvements as an event sponsor had increased the value of their attendance at events. Check out event sponsorships here.
  • Our performance data from last year’s DealMaker Scottsdale sponsors showed the following results:
    • Advertiser sponsors had a 20% increase in Net Sales over the entire course of the year and a 33% increase post event
    • Publisher sponsors saw a 35% increase in Net Sales over the course of the year and a 29% increase post event

7. We keep you energized – the event is two full days of well-organized networking, content, and fun!

  • To help you maximize your time at the event, we selected a venue where all attendees can easily stay on-site throughout the two event days! Between coffee, lunch on the patio, the Stay Well Lounge and cocktails, we will keep you energized, hydrated, happy and well-fed all day!

8. Our team will help you do the workdealmaker scottsdale, networking event, affiliate event, rakuten marketing

  • Symposium is the perfect opportunity to let our client services team shine.

9. The content is full of actionable takeaways set to maximize ROI

  • Our symposiums always provide an opportunity for you to learn. Don’t miss eMarketer’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Geoff Ramsey delivers the keynote presentation. Whether your sharing laughs with Rainn Wilson or learning tricks of the trade from Jeff Ma, we promise engaging and strategic content from every speaker. You’ll walk away both inspired and ready to take action!

10. You’ll share the goodie bag – filled with great giveaways from our incredible sponsors

To find out more about DealMaker Scottsdale visit the event website or contact our events team at

See you in Scottsdale!
Krystyna & the Events Team

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