This edition of Affiliate Publisher Spotlight features RevTrax, a marketing technology solution and sponsor for Rakuten Marketing DealMaker New York!

affiliate publisher spotlight

affiliate publisher spotlight revtrax

Q: Tell us a little about RevTrax.

A: RevTrax is a marketing technology solution that connects online engagement to in-store sales via personalized promotions. More than 350 brands trust RevTrax to connect brand engagement across the marketing ecosystem.

Q: Can you share some highlights from your program?

A: By tracking the 1:1 purchase impact of affiliates at the transactional level, RevTrax helped a leading fashion retailer drive $20 million of in-store sales. Additionally, we helped this retailer achieve a 40% increase in new customer acquisition and generate an additional $2,000 in revenue per store each month. Learn more in our Case Study:

Q: What type of advertisers would partner well with RevTrax?

A: Advertisers who either own their own stores or sell their products through other brick-and-mortar retailers.

Q: What’s new for your company?

A: We have a Receipt Upload functionality for advertisers who do not own their own stores. It’s an easy way for advertisers to run an O2O program across all retailers who sell their products.

Q: Describe RevTrax in one word.

A: PromoTech.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?

A: Rakuten Marketing has been an innovator in affiliate marketing and O2O solutions for a long time. They are a natural partner for RevTrax.

affiliate publisher spotlight revtrax

With RevTrax, in-store program revenue will typically exceed online programs within a year. In fact, they can exceed $1 million per month. Revenue per store ranges $1,000 – $3,000 per month while the average click on an affiliate link typically yields over $15 in-store sales revenue. And if we conservatively estimate a 5% commission, it puts the EPC at $75.

Make sure to see RevTrax at DealMaker New York next week. Request a meeting with them through Pathable! You can find RevTrax at Booth #6!

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