Rakuten Marketing hosts a great number of events each year, from our large symposiums to more intimate cocktail gatherings. Our Symposiums happen across the globe all year long from New York City to London to Sydney and more! You can also catch our team at a variety of trade shows and summits. Check out the events section of our website to see where you can meet with us next!

Attending a conference can be an overwhelming experience, we want to help you make it as seamless and successful as possible. Here are six tips to help you effectively manage networking events including our upcoming Symposium New York!

  • Plan and Plan Ahead.
    Most events today supply registered attendees with access to an online networking portal prior to the event. These portals allow attendees to meet and greet online with all of the attendees. You can also generally pre-schedule meetings at the event ahead of time giving you access to connect with current and future partners! At most events there is not enough time to meet everyone on site, having access to the attendees prior to the event is a huge advantage. Plan your on-site meetings strategically and know who you want to run into before you go!All of our registered Symposium attendees have the opportunity to join Pathable, our private online networking community. We provide bookable meeting tables in designated event areas to conduct on-site meetings.
  • Come Prepared.
    Sometimes technology fails, it’s always a good idea to print your meeting agenda, a pen, a stack of business cards, and have a notebook handy. It’s not just technology that fails though, sometimes we lose things too! Prepare for both. Save your meeting agenda in your calendar and sync it with your phone. Make sure to take advantage of any event apps or other downloadable items that the event offers. Do this ahead of time so you can save phone battery juice on the day of the event. Downloading event apps provide attendees with access to everything on the go. It also allows the event organizer to send you a real-time update should anything change on site.  Be in the know!
  • Don’t Overbook, Be Flexible.
    Some of the best meetings happen in elevators, lobbies, and even at parties. Leave room for breaks and social events in your schedule. Be flexible, if a meeting falls through, know that it’s more than likely the event has back up plans for you. Throughout the day digital events host great content, fun networking events, and have a plethora of eating and drinking opportunities. Check your event agenda and head that way!
  • Be Memorable.
    Smile. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Events allow us digital marketers to free ourselves from the screen and interact in real life. Make a lasting impression, whether it’s with a firm handshake, a stand out jacket, having those business cards readily available (and bring extra!) or through distribution of branded products. Whatever you do, don’t let your prospects leave without something that will remind them of you!At Symposium we set aside 3 hours for attendees to meet with current and future business partners in the DealMaker room! There will be 50+ DealMaker tables representing both Advertisers and Publishers. Don’t miss it!
  • Connect Online.
    Offline events all allow for online activity too. Connect and engage with other attendees via Twitter and LinkedIn. Events provide a great platform for sharing meaningful content, stories, and industry learnings via social media. This is a great way to let your friends, followers and industry peers know that you are at the event. It’s also an easy way to drop some marketing knowledge into their newsfeed!
  • Follow Up.
    Do it within 24 hours, if possible. Send a personalized email with details that will help your new contact remember you (e.g. topics you discussed at the event). Be sure to include questions or propose a follow-up call in your email to keep them engaged and the conversation flowing.

If you have any other event networking and management tips to share, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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Note: this article was originally published in May 2016 and updated in May 2017 for relevancy.