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Symposium London on April 18 at The Brewery is officially sold out and is set to be our biggest event to date! With less than a week to go, we wanted to let you know about one of our most anticipated additions: the Programmatic Hub at Symposium London.

Making its Symposium London debut at this year’s event, the Programmatic Hub will no doubt inspire your digital marketing strategy. As part of our DealMaker sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet our Senior Product Manager, Olu Gomes and two of our most innovative display partners – Bitposter and SpotX. Together they will showcase the new mediums that can be traded programmatically.

Drop in on the day or, to avoid disappointment, schedule your meeting with the experts now through Pathable, our networking and event app.

With 97% out-of-home (OOH) media owners selling their inventory via Bitposter, the company is the leading automated platform for trading OOH advertising programmatically.

With best-in-class technology purpose-built for video, SpotX is the top advertising platform for premium brand-safe video content across desktop, mobile and connected TV devices globally.

Through our partnerships and our fully-managed, consultative approach, the mass-market audiences of traditional advertising channels (now accessed programmatically) are easier to get to than ever before. If you are overwhelmed by the strategy choices and struggling to see how to scale your programmatic investment to maximise your ROI while reaching large-scale audiences, come visit our Programmatic Hub at Symposium London 2018. We’ve devised a step-by-step data-driven methodology, to take you from micro to macro audience segments and levels of campaign complexity. Through a considered leveraging of data sources and optimisation learnings you can successfully launch tactics within innovative models such as out-of-home (OOH) media and programmatic TV.

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