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Love the Sales is a retail aggregator, helping millions of consumers find and compare the best discounts on the products and brands they love. Winner of Tech Platform of the Year and Consumer Business of the Year in 2018, Love the Sales currently works with over 900 retailers and 16,000 brands to bring 6 million discounts into one place.

Last year, it released an award-winning AI merchandising system, making them one of the top 15 AI UK innovators to watch. We’ve had a successful partnership with Love the Sales since 2015 which has delivered huge growth:

  • More than 750,000 new products being added to the site from our advertisers
  • More than 10% of’s Black Friday sales came through Rakuten Marketing
  • +125% luxury product inventory growth YoY
  • Reaching over 100,000 registered users with more than 1.7m shoppers on site
  • Triple digital growth YoY

To find out more about Love the Sales and its partnership opportunities, we spoke to Liam Solomon, Marketing Lead for Love the Sales: 

Can you tell us a bit more about Love the Sales?

Love the Sales is a shopping platform that brings together the sales and discounts across the web, into one place.

We aim to help consumers find better deals on the brands the love, whilst also helping retailers reach a new audience to sell their reduced products. We like to think of the platform as a search engine for sales shopping.

How can Love the Sales help drive sales for Rakuten Marketing brands?

Many brands find it difficult to open their sale items up to new audiences. By advertising their reduced-price items on – brands reach a completely new and diverse customer base. For shoppers, an important aspect of the site is discovering new brands and retailers which they may not have come across.

You’ve recently been named as one of the top AI UK Innovators to watch, can you tell us a bit more about your AI merchandising system and how this technology is helping your business?

As an aggregator, Love the Sales categorises millions products a day from hundreds of different retailers. It would take a team of merchandisers working around the clock to make sure products were in the right place on the site.

Last year we built a machine learning tool (Minerva) which is able to understand the characteristics of each product and correctly classify them to the right place on our site. This is an innovative time saving tool for online merchandising, currently it completes one round of classification 10,000 x faster than that of a human merchandiser.

What developments can we expect from Love the Sales in 2019?

We are looking to continue expanding into the US market, adding more US retailers onto the site and targeting brands that might only currently be sold in America. We will also be building on the success of our Minerva project by improving what deals our customers see, through AI.

What success have you seen with Rakuten Marketing?

Rakuten Marketing has helped our business take the next steps in terms of growth. They have opened crucial partnerships with certain brands. As an aggregator of the sales, Love the Sales’s core message is having discounts from multiple retailers in one place. Through Rakuten, we’ve managed to add over 750,000 products to our site, some in key areas like luxury where brands are more hesitant to be seen on sale. Since joining Rakuten Marketing’s network in 2015, we have seen triple digit growth year on year.

If you’d like to partner or find out more about Love the Sales, please contact Liam Solomon at