Launched this month at DMEXCO 2018, Rakuten Marketing Prospecting produces unique AI-driven audience profiles that convert, provides transparent insights with visibility into all touchpoints and combats ad fraud by deploying tech that serves ads to people, not bots.

A Revolutionary and Original Product

How would you like to efficiently find unexpected new audiences who spend more on your products? Our newly-launched proprietary audience creation product, Rakuten Marketing Prospecting, aids brands in doing just that. Fuelled by data and powered by AI, Rakuten Marketing Prospecting helps you reach the right consumers: people who are actively shopping online and browsing for products like the ones your brand has on offer.

Shoppers Who Are the Perfect Fit for Your Brand

Our AI technology utilises data to uncover audiences that in turn help brands to find perfectly-fitting new customers. Rakuten Marketing Prospecting allows you to reach extremely valuable shoppers by looking beyond flawed demographic targeting. Our AI and machine learning analyse how audiences behave and interact online. This means we can uncover those unpredicted or elusive buyers. As our technology also becomes progressively smarter – analysing and learning how consumers are responding to your creatives – so will your ads. They will develop into more genuine and high-performing experiences that resonate with people and can be delivered at scale.

Moving Past the Initial Investment

Leveraging a deep understanding of users’ behaviours, likes, interests and core values through our technology also means you will be looking beyond initial committed budgets. Rakuten Marketing Prospecting refocuses your efforts on driving lifetime value instead of simply paying attention to the cost of acquiring a customer. This is a departure from short-sighted measures of customer acquisition campaign success towards embracing a comprehensive and more meaningful approach.

Rebuilding Trust in Programmatic Advertising

One of the top priorities we are truly committed to is restoring the faith people had placed on programmatic tactics prior to recent industry scandals. Because our technology grows cleverer and more precise, we truly minimise the risk of your ads ever being served to bots. Additionally, our frequency capping translates into fewer ads being shown to the same users, which results in a better brand experience and fraud mitigation. All of the above combined deliver audiences who convert at higher rates and turn into repeat customers.

We also provide granular visibility into every single touchpoint, unveiling precise purchase influences and patterns. In doing so, we empower marketers to invest their programmatic budgets assertively.

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