We are extremely proud to announce the publication of the first-ever Growth 2000 (G2K) Report, produced in partnership with InternetRetailing and based on qualitative research carried out by retail research, analysis and insights company, RetailX.

The G2K report expands upon the IRUK Top500 index, which groups together the largest ecommerce and multichannel retailers in the UK. This new report provides performance benchmarking on the areas of mobile, search, delivery and social for retailers that are implementing extraordinary multichannel strategies in the UK – but did not quite make it into the IRUK Top500.

This detailed performance-based analysis of second-tier retailers illustrates that the strength of the UK retail market extends far beyond household high-street names. Examining brands through consumers’ viewpoints, the G2K report uncovers shared main challenges and surveys whether and how these companies are projected to grow.

From direct-selling brands to regional and niche retailers and foreign companies, all the logos listed in the G2K are adopting original tactics and, as a result, are affecting the UK retail landscape.

In this report, available online and in print to InternetRetailing members, our Director of UK Marketing, Abi Jacks writes about how delivering valuable experiences to new customers who sit outside the norm is essential to the growth of these retailers – and indeed of any aspiring influential emerging retailers out there.

If you are a full member of InternetRetailing, you can access the full report here to find:

  • The full list of retailers that made it into the 2018 G2K
  • Industry observations on the ways in which these retailers are impacting the retail landscape
  • Expert opinion to help you follow in these retailers’ footsteps and stand out from the crowd