How Rakuten Advertising Can Take Your Brand Global

E-commerce is becoming more and more global with consumers increasingly purchasing from international brands. In the UK alone, 35% of transactions driven for clients on our performance network are taking place overseas.

The appetite for shopping from worldwide brands has led to an increase in competition for advertisers, making it more difficult to effectively reach and engage their target audience. This increase in competition, coupled with the intricacies of expanding into a new market, can be a daunting and challenging process for advertisers.

To overcome these challenges, advertisers need trusted partners, who have the ability and expertise to deliver reach and scale in the markets they chose to operate. This is where Rakuten Advertising can help.

We’re a global powerhouse arming advertisers and agencies with the insights and resources they need to best understand and interact with consumers, combined with unified access to first-party inventory, leading consumer insights and one of the world’s largest affiliate networks to help them tap into more global audiences than ever before.

We’re doing this by bringing together Rakuten’s proven ad assets that have been driving brand success for years. After years of partnering across our companies to create new capabilities and insights for our respective clients, it became obvious that we had something powerful to bring to market, and that we could serve our clients even more effectively as one company.

Rakuten Advertising expands upon our award-winning Performance Marketing solution, which includes one of the world’s largest affiliate networks that enables advertisers to tap into our pool of more than 150K publishers in over 200 countries and regions. For those looking to expand into new markets, the relationships with publishers facilitated by Rakuten Advertising allows advertisers to launch into a new region using the low-risk, low-cost channel of affiliate, supported by programmatic display and search campaigns.

Now, for the first time ever, global Rakuten ad inventory will be consolidated and available for purchase by any Rakuten Advertising customer, regardless of region or media platform. Rakuten inventory access helps brands diversify efficiently—by allowing them to tap into a wide variety of inventory types (e-commerce marketplaces, messaging, apps, OTT, e-reader, rewards, etc.) all under one umbrella, with unified measurement, and performance and audience insights. These properties include:

  • Rakuten Viber, our proprietary messaging platform with users around the world
  • Rakuten Rewards a leading cashback site with 13million members in the US
  • Viki, the leading video streaming platform for Asian Television and films
  • Rakuten TV, our transactional and advertising-video-on-demand-service available in 42 countries throughout Europe
  • Rakuten France, the third-largest marketplace in France and one of the nations Top 10 e-commerce website

Further enhancing our capabilities to facilitate global expansion for our clients, is the global breadth of our team. At Rakuten Advertising, we’re a truly global team operating across Asia-Pacific, LATAM, EMEA, and North America. This means that by combining our performance network, media properties and customer insight technology, advertisers can work with one partner across channels and regions. Leveraging a global partner leads to streamlined processes and account management, making it easier for advertisers and agencies to work across multiple regions.

We understand that expanding into new markets is no easy feat. It takes a vast amount of resource and knowledge of the expansion region. Advertisers challenged with expanding into new markets where their team aren’t local specialist can leverage the expertise of Rakuten Advertising’s global organisation.

Local specialists in each region equip advertisers with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently conduct business in new regions. Whether it be providing insight into the local industry, optimising partnerships in a publisher’s native language, or educating advertisers on the cultural nuances of the markets they’re targeting, the Rakuten Advertising team empowers advertisers to succeed regardless of where they chose to conduct business.

By combining the expertise of our global team with the reach of our performance network and worldwide media assets, Rakuten Advertising is best positioned to help advertisers and agencies overcome the challenges of new market expansion. The unparalleled reach and scale that can be delivered through campaigns ensure incremental growth and scale is achieved.

There is a world of consumers waiting to be discovered, find them with Rakuten Advertising.

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