We’re excited to be working with Organic Basics – a unique Copenhagen based clothing company with a mission to lead the way on sustainable, better-made basics. The brand creates high-quality, sustainable fashion basics for men and women in organic materials, giving customers a conscious alternative within the fashion industry.

We caught up with Maria de Luna Visa, Online Marketing Manager at Organic Basics to find out more about their brand and the benefits they offer to publishers.

Can you tell us more about Organic Basics and the ethos behind the brand?

Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish guys who wanted to create more sustainable and quality basics. They were tired of regularly buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced and branded underwear. They felt it was unsustainable, bad for the environment and a big waste of their time and money. It was definitely about time that somebody broke the traditionally bad standards of the fashion industry and the poor life cycle of our underwear. They decided that it could be done much better.

What kind of publishers are you looking to partner with?

Our preferred type of publishers are blogs, content sites, and YouTube channels. In particular, we are currently looking for content creators who can help us reach new customers, increase traffic and sales by sharing engaging content. We are interested in developing long-term relationships with publishers who share our values and ideas about the fashion industry. We are only interested in honest and authentic product reviews.

We are looking for publishers who share our values across sustainability, healthy living, and personal development. This ranges from personal values to purchasing habits, including, and not limited to, content creators interested in activities like mindfulness and yoga, as well as other sports like pilates and hiking, vegan and vegetarian blogs that share diverse content, as well as blogs related to healthy lifestyle. We are also looking for publishers who are into sustainable or ethical fashion and a minimalist lifestyle.

What are the benefits of joining your affiliate programme?

Joining Organic Basics’ affiliate programme includes the following benefits:

  • Regular affiliate communication updates with our latest offers and new product lines
  • Opportunity to get products for a review
  • Opportunity to become an Organic Basics’ Ambassador
  • Regularly updated banners, links, and other content
  • Commission rate up to 15% on all paid order
  • Excellent AOV and on-site conversion rate

What can we expect from Organic Basics in the coming months?

We currently have a public offer which gives a 50% commission for all product sales. This offer is already available via our Advertiser Page and will be open to all our publishers until the end of December.

We have recently launched a new product line SilverTech Activewear. It’s made of recycled materials, such as nylon, which take 90% less water to make and creates 80% fewer CO2 emissions compared to virgin nylon. The fabric also features active odour control, thanks to a recycled, Bluesign approved silver treatment called Polygiene – making it possible to do more and wash less.
We are very excited that by the end of November we will be launching our New Holiday Bundles as well as a new product line in early 2019.

If you’d like to join Organic Basic’s affiliate programme, please search for MID 43646 in the Publisher Dashboard. You can also contact Maria de Luna at maria@organicbasics.com.