Video Tagging Platforms

The affiliate marketing landscape has changed greatly over the past 5 years, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for publishers to stay ahead of the game due to the increasing diversity of affiliate models and the volume of competition.

Despite this, many entrepreneurial companies continue to generate millions by introducing unique models guaranteed to keep them one step ahead of the rest.

A recent example of this is the rise of video tagging platforms which meet the demands of retailers looking to engage with their customers in innovative new ways, and heighten their level of customer experience online.



Below is a selection of my favourite emerging video tagging platforms, which are working with our advertisers on the Rakuten Affiliate Network:

Smartzer (SID: 3008681)

Smartzer can make your video content shoppable through the installation of a customised, interactive overlay. Customers simply click on the products they like within the video, taking them straight to the product page, with the option to buy. Alternatively, advertisers can employ their unique “Wishlist” functionality, allowing the customer to create a personal wishlist from clicking on the products, without interrupting the viewing experience. The viewer can then shop directly from the list, email the list of items to themselves, or even connect to a personal shopper at their nearest store to schedule an appointment to try on the items.

These interactive videos aren’t just limited to online; videos can also be showcased on touch screens in-store, moving the offline experience, online.

TAGGLED (SID: 3157157)

TAGGLED offer a fantastic video tagging solution, and are the only Twitter-approved interactive video player. Their interactive video technology allows advertisers and publishers to make online videos instantly shoppable. By adding clickable product tags to any online video, content advertisers and publishers can benefit from CTR’s of up to 34%. Shoppable videos can be embedded on blogs/sites and can be shared on social media with affiliate links and a product stream included below the video. On top of this, the company’s CEO, Ian Scott (right) is a top bloke, and i’ve really enjoyed working with him!

Buzztala (SID: 3198235)
The Buzztala Organic Video Ad Network gives brands and retailers better ROI on search marketing budgets with their Product Video Ads (PVAs). These short video product summaries capture top organic search positions and deliver industry-leading CTRs.

With their technology platform and presenter network, Buzztala can produce videos featuring real people at scale for millions of products – at just £1 per video for Rakuten Affiliate Network advertisers- bargain!

Advertisers– if you’re interested in partnering with these publishers, or want more information, please shoot me an email:

Stay tuned for my Top 3 Consumer Engagement Tech Publishers, coming soon!

Ciaron Zanelli
Senior Business Development Manager

Rakuten Affiliate Network