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For marketers, the prospect of migrating their affiliate programme to a different network is often a daunting one. The most frequent questions we hear are  – “Will it take months to make the transition?”, “Will I lose publishers along the way?” and “How will my publishers get communicated to?”.

Here at Rakuten Affiliate Network, we’re dedicated to offering brands the quickest, most seamless migration possible, and have created a step-by-step survival guide to help you – let’s begin!

Step 1

We will begin the process by assigning a Strategic Account Manager to your team. We will then determine next steps to enable it to go live on the Rakuten Affiliate Network (RAN). While your programme is being set up on the technical side, your RAN account team will analyse your current programme’s performance, structure, goals, key publishers, marketing calendars, etc.

Step 2

The RAN account team will draft a communication for you to send through your current provider’s interface, notifying publishers of the move and the closure date. Simultaneously, we will send out a secondary communication direct from our team, notifying the publishers of the network move, providing sign up links and the necessary RAN contacts.

Step 3

We have a tool to auto approve all of your current publishers (live with RAN) into your new programme. Our team will then contact all your key publishers in order of revenue, to assist them with the transition.

Step 4

What publishers are in your programme that might not be in your new network? We’ll perform an analysis supplemented by 3rd party tools such as Hitwise to identify publishers driving the most traffic and sales for you and your competitors.

Step 5

Regular email communications will go out to any smaller publishers yet to migrate through the migration period. Our team will continue to handle 1-1 outreach to all publishers untill all are moved over.

Migration Survival Story

Stylish homeware brand, Amara decided to migrate their UK and US affiliate programmes to our Network, due to our quality publisher base and high level of expertise in the luxury vertical:

“We perceived Rakuten Affiliate Network to have a higher standard in the luxury and fashion industry than competitors, and we believe our recent success justifies that opinion”. Tom Freeman, Head of Digital Marketing, Amara

Did You Know?

A whopping 80% of advertisers who migrate to our network see a substantial increase in Year-on-Year revenue growth?

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If you’re interested in exploring what the Rakuten Affiliate Network can do for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact our survival expert, Dean Stephens or visit our website.

Dean Stephens