3 Reasons to Launch an In-Store Affiliate CampaignRight Now.

Despite last year’s lockdowns which brought increases in online shopping, 54 percent of shoppers were still making purchases primarily in stores.

As vaccines continue to roll out across the country and states begin to loosen restrictions, shoppers are more eager to return to public spaces and shop in their local stores.

To make the most of this new foot traffic and boost your Q2 digital marketing efforts, your business needs to explore non-traditional affiliate campaigns. Pairing an in-store affiliate campaign with your digital marketing efforts can further engage consumers who prefer to shop in-store again by leveraging this high ROI channel to drive consumer purchases in your brick & mortar stores.

Campaigns that leverage the affiliate channel to engage consumers for in-store sales have seen strong success across a variety of verticals. Here’s why you should launch one now:

  1. In-store affiliate campaigns can be launched easily and quickly.

    Campaigns run with Rakuten Advertising’s Coupons & Rebates platform powered by RevTrax can be up and running within two days, ensuring you reach shoppers right away. While there are various tracking solutions available to best suit your needs, some, like receipt upload, require zero tech setup. This can support a quick and easy launch if your tech team doesn’t have the bandwidth to support a new initiative now.

  2. In-store affiliate campaigns bring incremental value to the channel.

    Our offer management platform provides you with control over your offers, allowing you to closely measure the O2O user journey. The feature-rich technology empowers advertisers to find the sweet spot for their customers, offering the ability to A/B test discount values and coupon creatives, as well as deliver personalized offers based on consumer status. CRM data can also be onboarded to leverage our affiliate consumer graph and drive a highly targeted campaign based on your objectives.

  3. In-store affiliate campaigns can be managed to a budget.

    Rakuten Advertising’s Coupons & Rebates platform Powered by RevTrax can tightly control the distribution of your in-store campaign, limiting the publishers that are able to participate and adjusting the frequency of your in-store initiatives as needed. Budget caps allow for better control of spend to ensure you’re seeing the results you want without costs you can’t support.

If you’re interested in getting an in-store affiliate campaign launched to boost revenue, please reach out to your account manager and fill out this survey.