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The affiliate channel is dead – long live affiliate marketing. The future of attribution will see marketers working to meet business objectives rather than channel-specific needs.

This is the prediction made by Rakuten Marketing’s SVP/Managing Director, Attribution, James Collins in his latest PerformanceIN article: What’s next for attribution?

In the article, James discusses how retailers don’t want affiliate marketing specifically. What they want is the mixture of marketing channels and tactics that will help them achieve their business objectives – whether that’s attracting new customers, increasing customer lifetime value, or anything in between.

These are the conversations that are happening in the board room on a daily basis throughout the retail industry. However, affiliate marketers themselves don’t necessarily have the strategic view that their seniors do to enable them to answer these questions.

This is where the transparency of the user journey provided by multi-channel attribution is vital. This transparency will help marketers demonstrate a rounded picture of the value of affiliate marketing, and get hold of the answers they need to determine the direction of their marketing strategy.
In other words, multi-channel attribution will help identify the mixture of marketing channels and tactics needed to meet actual business objectives, rather than channel-specific ends.

Undoubtedly, an affiliate marketing strategy will be part of that mix, but it won’t be because the retailer has specifically asked for it.

Read James Collins’ latest PerformanceIN article to learn more about the impact of attribution on affiliate marketing, and how to overcome some of the blockers to the implementation of multi-channel attribution.