Urb-it Affiliate Publisher

Symposium London is now only a week away. In our strategy session ‘Publisher Innovation in the Affiliate Channel’ we will be hearing from four publishers who are driving next-level performance in affiliate marketing.

In the session, we will be hearing from Frederick Killander from Urb-it – a new on-demand delivery service who provide personal, hassle free and convenient shopping. We caught up with Frederick to find out more about Urb-it and what we can expect to hear from his talk:

Urb-it provides a personal extension of the in-store experience by giving consumers their orders exactly where they want, when they want. What was the need behind launching this service?

Convenience! The On-demand economy is exploding everywhere we look, whether it is watching films when we want on Netflix, getting a cab with Uber or getting a bite to eat with Deliveroo. There is no need for any one of these services, but they save us time and effort. In London the pace of life is fast; we are always in a hurry to be somewhere else or reply to some urgent message – we have no time. Urb-it gives our customers the most valuable luxury – their time, they don’t need to spend their time travelling to and from shops but instead have their shopping brought to them! Personal, hassle free, convenient shopping.

How does the service work?

Customers can buy through our app or our retail partners’ websites and choose exactly where and when to receive their shopping. One of our Urbers will collect their shopping from a high-street shop, travel across London on public transport, and personally hand over a customer’s shopping –  A personal green last mile.

How does Urb-it work with advertisers and how does your platform benefit them?

Urb-it offers advertisers an omni-channel solution. Whether offering products in our app or as a last mile option on retailer’s websites, we enable them to meet their customers’ expectations wherever they are in London, beyond the bricks and mortar of their shops.

Why is Urb-it unique and innovative in this space?

Our customer experience and flexibility make us both unique and innovative. Our Urbers are thoroughly vetted and then rigorously trained to make sure that our customers are always happy. Whether the product is the wrong colour and needs to be exchanged or the customer would like to change the time or place of the handover the Urbers ensure the customer is happy and can even go above and beyond singing happy birthday when giving birthday presents.

With an increasingly amount of sales coming from mobile devices – how have you tapped into this trend?

Urb-it is a mobile based app in recognition of the exponential increase in mobile sales of the last two years. There is an enormous drop-off rate from mobile shopping because so many customers still have to wait days to receive their shopping.

Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for Urb-it that you’d like to share?

Yes, Urb-it is launching a partnership with Volvo later this year where we will offer ‘in-car’ delivery or collection.

Lastly, what can advertisers expect to learn in your talk at Symposium London?

Customers are changing the way that they like to consume, we are becoming impulsive and impatient. Shopping is one of the oldest industries going back tens of thousands of years and it has always been based around a physical shop. Only in the last few decades have we seen the arrival of online shopping, but now there is a demand for something else. And that is OnDemand shopping.

Heading to Symposium London? Then don’t miss Urb-it’s presentation at 3pm in the Porter Tun theatre.

If you’d like to find out more about Urb-it, please contact Frederick Killander at Frederick@urbit.com or use the SID 3366612 in the advertiser dashboard.