RevLifter is an AI-powered marketing technology provider helping brands increase revenue through intelligent offers that drive incremental sales. Their solution delivers personalised incentives to customers, based on unique browsing data and basket values all designed to increase average order value and incremental revenue.  

We caught up with Simon Bird their Co-Founder to find out what they’ve been up to over the past year since we last spoke.

Could you tell us a bit more about your platform and how you’re disrupting the retail sector?

RevLifter is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way retailers think about how tactical discounting can work in the affiliate channel and across e-commerce as a whole.

Retailers are moving away from a mass discounting model and RevLifter are uniquely positioned to enable retailers to serve personalised deals to customers on a 1-to-1 level.

Our platform allows retailers to deploy personalised incentives, voucher codes and e-gift cards by responding to consumer behaviour in real-time. If you want to cut through the noise and emerge as a brand your buyers want to engage with, the marketing must seamlessly resonate with your buyer’s interests and preferences.

Things like the items in their basket, location, customer status (new or existing), and even the weather can help to shape an incentive which feeds directly into a retailer’s unique goals, while also providing a first-class user experience for the end-consumer.

How does RevLifter work with advertisers in the affiliate space and how does your platform benefit them?

We have three core products, firstly RevPage: a fully branded discounts page either on or off a retailer’s website which uses dynamic content that serves personalised offers to each individual consumer. RevPage is designed to capture search traffic in Google for a retailer’s branded discount terms, e.g. “*retailer name* vouchers”.

RevConvert: our technology that personalises offers throughout the customer journey, by presenting tailored messages just when consumers need them, such as recommending complementary products or offering a discount on higher basket sizes all based on the retailer’s goals.

Finally, RevReward our latest product innovation which gives retailers a mechanism to reward customers without devaluing their brand. Offering customers added-value e-gift card incentives to encourage a higher spend or to simply improve conversion rates.

RevLifter helps retailers decide when to show a specific offer or incentive by applying scenario-based rules, geared around what our technology can draw from the customer’s basket and browsing data – no other company can execute this process in the way that we do.

Do you have any recent case studies of your success working with advertisers?

Since we launched in late 2017, we’ve witnessed some exceptional results from our technology.
Without naming any specific brands, compared to previous methods we’ve seen increases of up to 100% in average order values and a 7.5X increase in conversion rates for a well-known electronics retailer.

Similarly, for a well-known shoe retailer, we’ve increased the average order value by 83% and conversion rate by over 50% and we consistently see results like this for all of our clients.

Each retailer utilises the technology in a unique way which is a testament to its flexibility as every brand has unique goals.

Are there any exciting developments in the pipeline for RevLifter that you’d like to share?

We’re growing extremely quickly; our products are already personalising between 3-5 million baskets worldwide which is phenomenal considering we are only in our second year of business. We’ve won multiple awards, most recently the Golden Link ‘Innovation Award’ at DealMaker last month with our client Laithwaites. Plus, we bagged three prizes at the Performance Marketing Awards including the much sought-after prize of Best Performance Marketing Technology.

We’re now in a position to disrupt the whole digital marketing ecosystem and in the near future, we’re looking at creating solutions ranging from email to display to even driving footfall in store.
We’re continually enhancing our machine learning capabilities and the more clients we work with the more robust our system is becoming, watch this space!

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