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We’ve partnered with PerformanceIN to produce the ‘Performance Marketing Guide to Going Global’. Our whitepaper will help you understand how to successfully develop your affiliate channel to include international programmes.

PerformanceIN is the leading global performance marketing publication. Our guide is part of  PerformanceIN’s new resource, What’s Happening in Performance Marketing. This collection of whitepapers covers the latest ideas, tech and trends in the field of performance marketing for 2018.

Why Go Global

Overseas shoppers are organically and increasingly seeking out UK products. Couple that with how globalisation has made it possible for brands to search for new sources of business growth the world over and you can see why marketers are working to target consumers outside their home regions.

However, targeting new areas of the world can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake. But, worry not, we’ve got you covered with this resource!

Download the Guide to Understand…

  • The state of play for 2018
  • How to reduce the financial risks taken
  • Who the right partners to aid your expansion are
  • Reaching and engaging consumers in the top emerging markets
  • The best ways to make the most of international shopping peaks

Download the Performance Marketing Guide to Going Global Today