Are you a UK marketer looking to expand into new markets across the globe? Our latest report uncovers the truth about business readiness in emerging markets. Download it now to gain practical advice about the strategies and tactics needed to succeed in global expansion, with a particular focus on APAC, Europe and the Middle East.

Global Expansion to APAC, Europe and the Middle East


Seamlessly Integrate into Emerging Markets

As technology advances and consumers demand increased choice, more brands are choosing to target global markets. Globalisation is nothing new: UK consumers are already accustomed to a wide range of choice due to their access to global markets. However, UK shoppers aren’t the only ones looking beyond borders. There has been a heightened desire for UK-based brands in developing markets, especially luxury brands. In England alone, up to 35% of transactions driven for Rakuten Marketing clients are now taking place overseas.

Strategic insights & practical tactics for global expansion

In our new report, we take a deeper look at three key emerging markets that UK marketers should be focusing on: APAC, Europe and the Middle East. These regions not only present an opportunity for growth but also a real chance to get ahead of the competition: while 78% of UK marketers are looking to expand in Europe, only 10% see APAC as the new frontier, while only 7% are prioritising the Middle East. For each of these increasingly vital global markets, the New Horizons report gives UK marketers the insight and practical advice needed to aid success. Download the report to discover:

  • The regions within APAC, Europe and the Middle East with the largest e-commerce potential
  • Key marketing strategies for seamless integration into these emerging markets
  • How to gain new shoppers in these regions and ensure their loyalty from the start of their customer journey
  • Important seasonal dates for retailers to focus on per region

Local expertise is essential

Of course, understanding the market opportunity is just one element of success. With the established demand for UK brands overseas, the question remains: do marketers have the right support across markets? This report will enable marketers to optimise their marketing strategies with these imperative insights. Currently, as few as 11% of marketers say they have local teams in overseas markets able to carry the responsibility of international campaigns. This leads into our findings that as many as 61% of UK marketers have been tasked with global campaigns, with little authentic knowledge of the market.

With the UK and US markets already well developed it is necessary for brands to look beyond their traditional customer bases for growth. Constant growth and meeting demand is necessary for brands around the globe to satisfy consumers. The New Horizons report offers a deeper dive into new regions to further optimize marketing campaigns and enter these markets with precision.

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