Global Expansion on a Map

A chain of UK-based high-end department stores significantly increases its brand awareness in the US through harnessing the might of big data.


A chain of high-end department stores in the UK, known for their innovative marketing efforts and praised for the consistent customer experiences they provide, were looking to expand their brand’s awareness in the United States.

Rakuten Marketing also specialises in providing creative and seamless consumer experiences, ensuring customers stay engaged at every stage of the funnel and driving purchasing influence. Rakuten Marketing teamed up with this chain of high-end department stores to raise brand awareness in the NYC region, leveraging innovation, data and proprietary attribution and insights technology to measure the overall effect of retargeting and prospecting display campaigns on other channels.


  • Generate brand awareness in NYC over a 4 week period in the run up to the Holiday Season
  • Track overall reach, engagement and sales through retargeting and prospecting campaigns
  • Provide an attributed view of the general influence of display advertising on other channels



Display advertising strategies were heavily influenced by the following considerations:

  • Test various creatives and data segments to deliver all campaign metrics, ROI and performance goals
  • The reach needed to be narrowed to target consumers in the NYC region
  • Layer prospecting and retargeting campaigns to influence all stages of the consumer’s journey


For prospecting campaigns, two segmentation tactics were used:

  • Using Slice, a Rakuten-owned company that holds consumers’ e-receipt data, a lookalike audience was modelled. People were segmented based on purchasers of luxury apparel from similar NYC-based department stores
  • Targeted audiences readily available from programmatic DSPs were also used and served various creatives in the same time period

Key Findings & Results

  • Integrating Cadence, Rakuten Marketing’s data insights and attribution platform allowed the influence of each strategy to be accurately measured for the entire user journey. Unlike other analytics platforms, Cadence allowed the brand to see the influence their display campaigns had on site visits through other channels
  • Based on the brief and objectives outlined above, display campaigns drove 5.1m unique visitors in the NYC region in the space of 4 weeks – with impressions on premium sites and access to audiences of great relevance and value to the brand
  • During the period when retargeting activity was live:
    • CVR was 21% higher than site avg.
    • AOV was 51% higher than site avg.
    • New User Rate was 76.47% higher than industry benchmark and 58% higher than site avg.
  • Overall, all campaign performance goals were achieved:
    • Engagement: 126% to goal
    • Clicks: 113% to goal
    • Revenue: 137% to goal
    • ROI: 111% to goal

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