Culture Trip

In our ‘Publisher Innovation Within Affiliate Marketing’ session at Symposium London, we’ll be hearing from four innovative new publisher models who are providing new ways to diversify your affiliate revenue.

We’re really excited to be welcoming Culture Trip to the stage who are a London-based media startup serving up content for the “culturally curious”. Ahead of the conference, we’ve spoken to Daisy-Blue Tinne, Head of Affiliate Partnerships at Culture Trip about their platform and what we can expect from her talk.

Culture Trip is a global media startup, focused on bringing hyper-local content to culturally curious users around the world. Could you tell us a bit more about your platform and why you’re unique and innovative?

Culture Trip’s content creation model is completely unique, centred around a network of hubs in over 130 locations around the world. Our hubs of writers, videographers and photographers contribute their local expertise on travel, fashion, food etc. to a broad, inquisitive audience.

Culture Trip is already attracting more than 5 million monthly unique visitors and 1.5 million followers on social media around the world. What has been the key to your success and building such an engaged readership?

Integrity – our content is giving a voice to local experts, as well as vertical experts and it’s unique in its model. We’re creating content that inspires, educates and delights, and this is reflected in our statistics. Currently, 60% of our articles are read in full and the average dwell time on site is 6 ½ minutes.

Providing readers with inspiring and relevant content using local knowledge has been a core focus for Culture Trip – what technology and tools do you use to do this?

With regards to content, we’re not currently using any tools or tech to automate this process, our network of hubs is managed by teams in our London and New York offices. Our Tech Team in Tel Aviv are working on some exciting projects for our UX, but I can’t share the details yet.

How does your newly launched App enhance your readers’ experience of Culture Trip?

The iOS App was launched in H2 2016, to improve the ease and experience of content consumption on the move and as the first start of an exciting next step for Culture Trip, again, watch this space!

How does Culture Trip work with advertisers in the affiliate space and how does your platform benefit them?

Our platform offers advertisers a scalable and authentic way to engage with a culturally curious audience. We can support affiliate channel objectives in several ways, either utilising our existing, relevant content, to associate articles with an advertiser or campaign, or creating bespoke, sponsored campaigns, tailored to a more granular aim – such as a new product launch.

Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for Culture Trip that you’d like to share?

I would love to share them now, but it’ll have to wait a little longer!

Finally, what can advertisers expect to learn in your talk at Symposium London?

An introduction to the world of Culture Trip, how we were created and how we’ve made content scalable. Content has been a buzz word for a long time now and it’s always been a challenge for advertisers to harness it for the affiliate channel, I’ll be talking about how we’re solving that.

To find out more or discuss opportunities with Culture Trip, don’t miss our ‘Publisher Innovation Within Affiliate Marketing’ session at 3pm in The Porter Tun theatre. Daisy will also be on hand to answer any questions in both our morning and afternoon DealMaker sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about Culture Trip, please contact Daisy here or use SID 3359203 in the Advertiser Dashboard.