Boxfresh Cross Channel Campaign

Boxfresh, the casual men’s footwear brand, was looking to increase brand awareness and drive repeat business and loyalty in its focus markets of Germany and the UK through a cross channel campaign.


Brand Introduction

Established in 1989, Boxfresh (meaning new footwear that’s ‘fresh from the box’) set off to challenge mainstream apparel trends. Created at a time when fashion was a mixing pot of cultural tribes – e.g. goths, punks, mods, etc. – yet casual wear was middle-of-the-road and unevolved, Boxfresh played a part in igniting the rise of streetwear as we know it today.


Boxfresh’s focus markets are Germany and the UK, where the brand’s existing relatively low awareness is driven mainly by its presence in brick-and-mortar stores. Despite the links between target consumers’ values and styles and the brand’s ethos, consumers struggle to associate Boxfresh with any particular personality or strong benefit.

Campaign Goals

A clear and compelling brand identity in the consumers’ minds was identified by Boxfresh as instrumental to driving the brand forward in both Germany and the UK. Consequently, Boxfresh partnered with Rakuten Marketing with the goal of attracting new customers by communicating Boxfresh’s brand identity boldly and effectively. Conveying the similarities between the brand’s values and the consumers’ personalities was described as essential to appearing relevant to consumers. Therefore, the role the marketing mix served was, in a nutshell, to (re)introduce Boxfresh to the appropriate target consumer so as to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase mental availability (brand awareness)
  • Drive brand preference (repeat business)
  • Establish emotional connections (loyalty)


Crucial Considerations

Standing out from the crowd is extremely difficult for brands – as consumers are hit with thousands of advertising messages. Thus, Rakuten Marketing made creating full-funnel, cross-channel/screen, video-led, dual-country campaigns top priority when planning display strategies.

Storytelling Technique

Campaigns were not fixated with selling a product through its features but intent on communicating the brand’s story and mission. As such, creatives applied the storytelling technique and used mostly video assets to achieve higher engagement – boosting brand awareness (prospecting) and loyalty (retargeting).

Full-funnel Strategies


  • Premium Placements > Focus was placed on brand security with highly valuable, premium inventory – through native advertising and PMPs.
  • Audience-based Segmentation > Employing third-party behavioural data based on Boxfresh’s desired target segment.
  • Contextual Segmentation > Through identifying sites fitting of the brand’s values and vision.
  • Lookalike Modelling > Combining first-party (Boxfresh) data – on purchasers and cart abandoners – with psychometric data, lookalike audiences were built.
  • Keyword Search > Target groups were built off the back of identified relevant keyword-search audiences.
  • Social > Ads were served on Facebook according to both demographic and interest segmentation but also through first-party-based lookalike builds.


  • Top/Mid Funnel > Homepage, category and product visitors were targeted to make them reengage with the brand they had considered but abandoned before making a purchase.
  • Low/Bottom Funnel > As the retargeting pool grew, purchasers and cart abandoners were targeted, ensuring consumers stayed engaged, increasing brand loyalty.


Creative Performance

  • CTR > 233% (UK) / 800% (Germany) higher than Google’s benchmarks
  • Engagement Rate > 72x higher than Google’s benchmarks in the UK
  • Facebook CTR > 62% (UK) / 40% (Germany) higher than platform avg.
  • Prospecting brought 85% of new users to the site


  • Retargeting ROAS > £8.31 (UK) / £2.50 (Germany)
  • Display drove 11% of all new online orders
  • 64% of revenue resulted from Facebook campaigns
  • Avg. length of the purchasing journey shortened by 80% (UK) / 35% (Germany)

Attributed Value

  • Other channels converted at a higher rate when display campaigns were run alongside:
  • Conversion rates for SEO grew by 169% (UK) / 116% (Germany)
  • Conversion rates for PPC grew by 50% (UK) / 37% (Germany)
  • AOV for PPC and SEO converting journeys grew by 20%

Video Story

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