Automate affiliate tracking

Last year, we launched our Automate tool which turns standard links into commissioning-generating affiliate links automatically without lifting a finger. It’s the first tool we recommend all publishers switch on as it is designed to make your life easier.

Manually creating affiliate deep links can be time-consuming, and if your partnerships change, you would have to redo all your existing links. With Automate, you don’t have to worry about inserting or editing affiliate links by hand – Automate will do this for you. It keeps track of new or changing partnerships and will add or updated affiliate links for you automatically.

How does it work?

Automate affiliate tracking is simple to use. Once you have installed it and a user or customer clicks on a link on your site, it will instantaneously check if you have a partnership with that advertiser. If you do, it will convert the link into the appropriate affiliate link and send the user through. This link will give you a commission just like any user generated created affiliate link.

It will create affiliate links to advertisers you are partnered with through the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. However, if a link is already affiliated or the advertiser is not in our network, that link will remain unchanged letting other network scripts or tools run on that link. Automate will never block those from running.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Automate is easy and once you’ve installed it – you’re all set.

Head over to the Portfolio Page in the Publisher Dashboard and click on Automate.

  1. Select your Platform – Blogger or All other platforms
  2. Copy and paste the Javascript into your website HTML (include it before the closing body tag </body>) and it handles the rest.
  3. Any existing links will be automatically converted into affiliate links and reported as DeepLinks in the dashboard

To find out more about how Automate can add value to publishers, we’ve spoken to Sam Stansfield at ESI Media to learn more about the success they have had using Automate across their brand, The Independent.

Automating affiliate tracking

Why did you install Automate?

We have thousands of articles that can potentially generate commissions, so having a tool that automates affiliate tracking saves a lot of time and makes things manageable. Whilst I can manually add tracking to articles receiving very high amounts of traffic, adding tracking to all articles is unfeasible and therefore, some opportunities are not exploited but Automate solves this problem.

What has Automate allowed you to achieve?

It has allowed us to monetise articles and to work with merchants that we didn’t previously.

What have the results been so far?

We’re really pleased to see that the commission and revenue we generate through Rakuten Marketing on The Independent publication has grown by 200% since using Automate. We expect this to grow further in 2017 as we continue to optimise the tool and integrate Automate to further sections of The Evening Standard and The Independent sites as well as expanding the content we produce. The results from Automate so far have been very pleasing, but there is a lot more room to grow further using this tool. Watch this space!

If you have any further Automate questions, contact our Product Manager, James Fish at or ask your Rakuten Marketing account representative.