Rakuten Advertising has released some exciting new products throughout 2021 that enhance the visibility and performance of affiliate and media campaigns. Designed to drive the industry forward and improve efficiencies, each release works to support advertisers and publishers in achieving their goals. Today we explore the benefits of these products and features.

Rakuten Advertising Media

LoopMe Brand Lift Survey Measurement

Agencies and brands can measure awareness, consideration and purchase intent using the newly launched LoopMe Brand Lift Survey. Loopme Brand Lift Survey shows the impact of branding efforts across Rakuten TV, Rakuten Viki, Rakuten Viber and Rakuten France. Brand Lift helps advertisers align their campaigns with marketing goals such as brand awareness.

PMP Best Practice – Rakuten Exchange

Rakuten Exchange makes it easier for agencies and brands to buy advertising inventory across Rakuten owned businesses. The Exchange also means publishers can sell their ad inventory on the platform through real-time auctions. The robust digital marketplace is the only direct source for accessing inventory on Rakuten-owned and operated media properties.

Audience Validation – Comscore

Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Viki, and Rakuten France now validate all audiences and traffic with Comscore, one of the most respected names in data analytics. Media buyers can purchase ads across Rakuten’s properties with confidence and build accurate audience lift forecasts. The addition of Comscore harmonises Rakuten’s brand safety measurement and audience validation across media offerings with a single, trusted, global partner.

Rakuten TV Multi-Screen

Brands can now reach audiences at home and on the go with Rakuten TV Multi-Screen. Over 61% of Rakuten TV viewers are under 45 and are heavy consumers of fashion products, consumer goods and electronics. Brands and media buyers can purchase 30-second non-skippable ads targeting exclusive audience segments across Samsung mobile devices and viewers’ television sets.

Rakuten Advertising Affiliate and Performance Solutions

IAP – Overall Insights: trends, benchmarking, forecasting

The Insights and Analytics Portal (IAP) is Rakuten Advertising’s unified reporting and analytics solution. IAP delivers transparent, actionable cross-channel insights that enable advertisers to optimise performance across their digital ecosystem.


Advertisers can use trend cards to uncover in-channel and cross-channel performance insights across affiliate, display, search and paid social. The trend analysis report allows advertisers to compare channels to discover weekly, monthly and yearly performance trends, including visits, clicks, AOV and ROI.


Advertisers can access customised benchmarking visualisations to compare their performance to competitors.


Advertisers can generate performance predictions for affiliate campaigns if they’ve generated sales data with Rakuten Advertising for at least a year. Advertisers can input budget information to acquire a forecast summary and visualisations for key performance metrics for a future time frame.

Subnetwork Transparency

Subnetwork Transparency gives advertisers and publishers greater insight into what drives performance and gets the most value from their marketing spend. Advertisers can view the quality of traffic driven to sites and identify publishers that drive higher-value customers.

Developer Portal – new APIs

Publishers can leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Developer Portal to tailor the shopping experience. Developer Portal allows publishers to serve personalised offers, automate processes and streamline programme management with advertisers. The portal improves the user experience by helping publishers understand the purpose of APIs and non-API services and utilise them for their accounts.


Rakuten Advertising partnered with LeadsRx to provide clients with an objective view of attribution. LeadsRx includes a variety of technologies to map the entire customer journey for online and offline events. Advertisers can see when consumers visit web pages, engage with marketing campaigns, view ads and complete a purchase. Additionally, the dashboard displays conversion segmentation, attribution summaries, marketing touchpoint performance, content frequency, ROAS and acquisition costs.

VIP Influencer

With the Rakuten Advertising VIP Influencer offering, advertisers can leverage Rakuten’s VIP Services, where teams will plan and run influencer campaigns from start to finish. Through Rakuten’s partnerships with multiple influencer services, advertisers can find new influencers, create an ambassador program and work with sub-networks.  The flexible approach means advertisers can achieve their goals no matter their budget or experience in the influencer space.


Advertisers can leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Shopify App to automate the process of onboarding. This process helps advertisers find publishers to partner with, launch campaigns more quickly and create their product feeds.

Advertiser Dashboard Updates

Rakuten Advertising has rolled out a series of enhancements for the Advertiser Dashboard. These include the addition of Promotional Events that enable advertisers to upload promotional event calendars that can help improve campaign performance forecasting, Unified Login to improve account security and user experience improvements to the header navigation.

For more information about Rakuten Advertising products and features, reach out to your account representative or contact one of our experts here.