We hope to see you at Symposium London, an event to enhance your performance marketing strategy, on April 18 at The Brewery! If you haven’t already booked your ticket, read on for ten reasons to attend Symposium London 2018.

Tony Zito speaking on stage

Here are 10 reasons why you should join us for Symposium London 2018:

1. Attendees of Symposium London Outperform in the Network.
Symposium London is an event for performance marketing leaders to build their online initiatives and form new business relationships. It’s proven that our clients who attend Symposium outperform in the network.

  • Advertisers’ GMS growth of 20%
  • Advertisers’ order growth by 10%
  • Publishers’ order growth by 5%

2. Come for the engaging content and industry insights.
Every year, we feature inspiring content and keynotes from key players in the industry. At this year’s event, you’ll be able to hear from the following:

  • James Chandler, CMO of IAB UK
  • Peter Fisk, Author of Gamechanger
  • Anthony Capano, MD of Europe, Rakuten Marketing

In addition to our popular Publisher Innovation Session, we’ve also added a new session to give Advertisers in our network an opportunity to showcase their great work and how they are innovating across the performance marketing channel.

3. You will build your online and offline presence within the industry through networking segments.
DealMaker is a three and a half hour block of pure networking where advertisers and publishers host tables and attendees mix and mingle through the room (complete with snacks and drinks of course!).

4. You can network, schedule and plan before the event through our online community – this makes your time more efficient on-site.
Our networking community Pathable is an easy way for you to connect, check updates, schedule meetings with other attendees and oversee the agenda for Symposium London 2018. The community will open soon, be sure to sign-in to your profile and get scheduling! In 2017, with over 70% of attendees on Pathable, over 1,000 social media connections were made. This is a great opportunity to expand your network while at Symposium London.

5. Your prospects (and competitors) are attending. To see a list of current attendees, you can request it here. Think about making an extra splash on-site through our unique sponsorship opportunities!
Don’t miss out on meeting prospects in person. After months of back and forth between phone calls and emails, you can finally shake hands with that perfect partner you’ve been waiting to work with. Our attendee list is always very impressive, which also means your competitors are likely attending too.

6. Rakuten Marketing Sponsors do better.
Sponsors outperform in the Rakuten Marketing network and 100% of sponsors surveyed noted they would sponsor future Rakuten Marketing events.

7. We keep you energized – the event is 24 hours of well-organized networking, content, and fun!
To help you maximise your time at the event, we selected a venue where all attendees can easily stay on-site throughout the day of the event. Between coffee, lunch and cocktails, we will keep you energised, hydrated, happy and well fed all day!

8. Our team will help you do the work!
Symposium London is the perfect opportunity to let our client services team shine. Client account managers and network development teams will help you schedule and prepare for meetings, drive partnerships, and build your agenda to make the most of the day.

9. The content is full of actionable takeaways set to maximize ROI.
Symposium London will provide you with an opportunity for you to learn from your peers and industry experts and we promise engaging and strategic content from every speaker. You’ll walk away from the event, both inspired and, more importantly, ready to take action.

10. You’ll share the goodie bag – filled with great giveaways from our incredible sponsors!
Our sponsor roster is always filled with great brands and our favourite clients and our sponsored tote bags are filled with amazing goodies. Not a bad perk of the job. In 2017, items in the goodie bag included such brands as Dorco, Charlotte Tilbury, FitFlop, and Joseph Joseph. Keep an eye out for 2018 sponsors to be announced on the event website.

To find out more about Symposium London visit the event website or contact our events team at events@mail.rakuten.com.

See you in London!
The Rakuten Marketing Team