Attend Symposium London 2017

With registration for London Symposium 2017 well underway, we’ve put together the top reasons you should attend the event.

1. Attendees of Symposium London Outperformed the Network

Symposium London is an event for performance marketing leaders to build their online initiatives and form new business relationships. It’s proven that our clients who attend Symposium outperform the rest of the network.

Across our affiliate network, advertisers who attended Symposium outperformed the network by achieving the following:

  • Relationship growth by 14%
  • Order growth of 6%
  • GMS growth of 11%

Attending Publishers outperformed the network:

  • Order growth by 14%
  • GMS growth by 14%

Our Display clients who attended Symposium last year also outperformed non-attendee retargeting clients by a margin of 112% before Symposium and 178% thereafter.

2. Guaranteed Face-to-Face Networking

Over 1000 meetings were requested prior to Symposium last year. We suggest a mix of pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings for the best success. Be sure to have open time for a potential partner that you may not have seen via Pathable – sometimes the best connections are made over a cocktail, or two…

3. Build Your Online Presence and Make Connections

With over 1,100 social network connections made through Pathable – our private online event network and community – we know you’ll leave with a wealth of new contacts. Follow the event and facilitate conversations using the conference hashtag #RMevents.

Last year, over 80% of attendees used Pathable – our private online event network and community – to build relationships and set-up meetings in the weeks leading to the event. This year, we hope it’s 100%. You can also easily check out attendee profiles and send private messages to plan meetings in advance.

Make sure to upload your photo to Pathable to make networking even easier!

4. Your Prospects (and Competitors) Are Attending

Don’t miss out on meeting prospects in person. After months of back and forth between phone calls and emails, you can finally shake hands with that perfect partner you’ve been waiting to work with. Our attendee list is always very impressive, which also means your competitors are likely attending too.

5. We Help You Do the Work

Symposium London is the perfect opportunity to let our client services team shine. Client account managers and network development teams will help you schedule and prepare for meetings, drive partnerships, and build your agenda to make the most of the day.

6. Actionable Takeaways to Maximise ROI

The Symposium London will provide you with an opportunity for you to learn from your peers and industry experts and we promise engaging and strategic content from every speaker. You’ll walk away from the event, both inspired and, more importantly, ready to take action.

7. Plus – You’ll Receive Our Goodie Bag

Our sponsor roster is always filled with great brands and our favourite clients and our sponsored tote bags are filled with amazing goodies. Not a bad perk of the job!

Symposium London is open to all Rakuten Marketing clients, partners and friends and you should have received an invitation with your ticket code. If you’re interested in attending but haven’t received an invite, please do contact us at