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In just over a week, Rakuten Marketing’s digital marketing conference – DealMaker London 2019 (formerly known as Symposium London) – will be taking place at The Brewery, London on April 3rd, 2019. With over 600 attendees, the opportunities to come together and experience inspirational content from industry experts are rife. Here, we offer a few top-tips to our attendees on how to get the most out of DealMaker London…

Find out more about DealMaker London and register for your ticket over at the official event website.

Get in the loop – join Pathable!

When it comes to networking events, the obvious advice would be to “keep the smartphone in your pocket”. However, we advise that you download Pathable and keep the smartphone out! Pathable is an app which allows you to connect and arrange meetings with attendees prior to the event. You can build new relationships whilst closing deals with existing ones.

Be sure to check it out on iOS and Android, and start arranging your all-important meetings now.

Think outside the box

Whilst it’s efficient to plan out your meeting schedule, some of the best meetings happen in the most unexpected places – over a coffee, in the lift, or even over a drink or two! Be open to meeting potential partners at any given moment in any place – sometimes the best people are the ones you aren’t expecting to meet.


Man and Woman Networking at Symposium London 2018

Take advantage of the networking opportunities (and the freebies!) 

The DealSpace Tradeshow gives attendees the opportunity to network with current and future business partners in the DealSpace room. With representatives from fashion, luxury, and beauty retailers, to voucher, cashback, and social shopping sites, there are almost endless opportunities to meet new business partners (and grab yourself a freebie… or two)!

Check out what’s on the cards

From strategy sessions designed to expand your affiliate programme, to innovative keynotes from leaders at Rakuten Marketing, there is something for everyone in the digital marketing industry at DealMaker London. With previous attendees reporting +10% advertiser order growth, +20% advertiser GMS growth, and +5% publisher order growth in 2018, the opportunities for growth at DealMaker London 2019 are endless. Check out what’s on the agenda here.


Short, Sweet, Simple = Successful

There is only a limited amount of time in the day, and in a room with hundreds of potential partners, you’ll probably want to speak with most of them at least once. Perfect your elevator pitch so everyone you have your eye on knows exactly who you are, where you are from, and what you’re about.

Be sure to register your attendance at DealMaker London 2019 as soon as possible – we look forward to seeing you there!