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Marketing Strategies

Reengaging Consumers with Affiliate Marketing

For many brands, reengaging lapsed customers is a primary focus of their marketing strategy. Brands often establish Loyalty and Rewards programs to encourage repeat purchases and remarketing emails and advertising.
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Marketing Strategies

RAIC Insights: Best Practices for Working With Different Publisher Models

The Rakuten Advertising International Collective (RAIC) aims to showcase the strategies and steps to elevate your affiliate thinking, giving you the tools to outthink the market and deliver campaigns that outperform for your business. In our latest post, Matheus Campos, Senior Partnerships Manager at Savings United, outlines the best practices for working with different publisher models.
Marketing Strategies

Publisher Spotlight: Indoleads

We recently sat down with Durrah Sahari, Account Director at Indoleads, to talk about why the publisher chose to be a sub-network on the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network.

Know Your Dates: 2023 Retail Marketing Calendar

2022 was undoubtedly another year of plot twists – but this can be positive. If you flip the switch you’ll see the challenges as opportunities, and the Rakuten Advertising team is here to help. We've put in the groundwork to prepare you for the busiest shopping peaks of the year.

Rakuten Advertising Wins Big at the GPMA

Twenty-five years ago, Rakuten Advertising were the pioneers leading the way in a new landscape of digital advertising. We broke new ground with affiliate. We outperformed in programmatic and influencer marketing. And we did it globally.

mThink Best Affiliate Network 2022

We are honoured to have been voted the Best Affiliate Network for the 11th consecutive year by our partners and clients in the industry. 
Marketing Strategies

Publisher Spotlight: Involve Asia

Rakuten Advertising recently caught up with Mell Hussin, Client Success Manager at Involve Asia, to discuss how the team connects advertisers with publishers in different Southeast Asian (SEA) countries.
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Marketing Strategies

Outthink and Outperform: Award-winning data strategies from Hilton, Tory Burch and more

Make your data work harder. Rakuten Advertising’s award-winning data strategies show how the best of the best outperform with smarter data-led decisions.
Marketing Strategies

Smart Affiliate Commissioning Strategies

Smart commissioning strategies are changing the way advertisers engage with the affiliate channel.

2022 Media & Performance Marketing Trends

Over recent years the e-commerce industry has accelerated as the world continues to move in and out of lockdown.
Marketing Strategies

The Affiliate Funnel: From Prospects to Purchase

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been used as a lower funnel channel with the purpose of driving sales.

Rakuten Advertising Launches Linkless Code Tracking

Rakuten Advertising has launched Linkless Code Tracking for advertisers and publishers, a groundbreaking solution that takes the power of affiliate marketing beyond traditional channels.