Rakuten owned and operated media solutions enable agencies and brands to leverage powerful audiences and unique Rakuten platforms to create meaningful relationships with new customers. Available exclusively via Rakuten Advertising, brands can engage consumers in their local markets or from across the globe.

Over the past 12-months, the e-commerce industry has been propelled forward, creating more competition for brands trying to reach audiences than ever before. Rakuten Advertising media solutions enable brands to connect with hard-to-reach audiences where they live their online lives, from chatting to gaming, shopping or enjoying a show with friends.

Through the Rakuten ecosystem, brands can be seen, generate traffic and influence sales. Here’s how:

Rakuten Viber

Mobile has grown to become the device of choice, with more than 55% of consumers turning to mobile during Cyber Week 2020 across Asia-Pacific. Through Rakuten Viber, brands can leverage the popularity of mobile to reach consumers in a highly engaging, one-of-a-kind ad experience on the device where they chose to spend the majority of their time.

Viber connects brands to over 1 billion consumers globally by serving relevant, non-intrusive native and video ad formats. Ads are displayed to Viber users after a call ends (post-call), within communities, in the sticker markets or on their chat list.

Rakuten Viki

More than 50% of consumers globally increased their consumption of streaming services in 2020, though more than a third said they would cancel one subscription to pay for another. Advertising-video-on-demand (AVOD) allows consumers to view ad-funded content for free and provides a unique opportunity for brands to reach consumers who don’t engage with traditional television.

Rakuten Viki is the leading streaming video platform for Asian television, culture, influencers and films. Accompanying their subscription model, Viki employs AVOD to provide global primetime entertainment to a worldwide audience of loyal and passionate viewers.

Viki has quickly become the fastest growing youth engagement platform and gives brands the opportunities to reach this highly desired demographic through non-skippable pre and mid-roll ads.

Rakuten TV

During the 2020 lockdown, 64% of people across Europe felt they were missing out on content. Specifically, 32% were missing sport, 26% documentaries and 25% comedies, with the most significant barrier to content access being the price. AVOD services provide free access to content not previously accessible.

Rakuten TV is a leading video-on-demand platform in Europe, offering a premium home entertainment portal and exclusive, free AVOD content. Rakuten TV enables consumers to watch premium Hollywood movies and programs, local European content and exclusive sporting documentaries such as Matchday – Inside FC Barcelona.

By providing a vast range of content, Rakuten TV connects brands with consumers via the house’s largest screen. Rakuten TV is currently only available in Europe.

Rakuten France

In a study into how consumers would shop for the 2020 peak shopping period, 42% of global consumers and 35% of French consumers said they would purchase via online marketplaces demonstrating the continued popularity and reliance on the platforms by consumers.

Rakuten France is the leading B2C and C2C marketplace and France’s #1 e-commerce membership program. With powerful cross-platform display and native ad formats available, brands can engage with France’s most loyal shoppers. Additionally, brands can target segments based on behavioural, contextual and transactional e-commerce datasets.

Brands that engage consumers where they live their online lives will have more success in cutting through the competition and engaging their desired and often hard-to-reach audiences. Rakuten France is currently only available in France.

For more information on how your brand can leverage Rakuten’s unique audiences, contact us and speak to one of our experts.