Great News! Publishers on the Rakuten Affiliate Network can now receive commissions via PayPal! PayPal will allow you to work with global networks and advertisers that you previously haven’t been able to work with due to geographical payment restrictions. For this release, the option to use PayPal will be available for all networks except for Brazil and Japan.


Here’s all the info you need to know in order to receive PayPal payments:

Network Availability

PayPal is available to publishers in 203 markets in these networks: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France and Germany.  If you are in the Brazil or Japan networks, you will not be able to receive commissions from these networks. However, if you decide to switch from PayPal back to Check or Direct Deposit, please note that some networks do not support all payment types (direct deposit, PayPal, check). Please review the Payment Options article to learn how switching your payment type can affect your future payments.

Verified PayPal Account

Your PayPal account must be verified by PayPal before you select it as your payment option.

Receiving Currencies

Each network will pay out in local currency, which means you can receive commissions to your PayPal account in one of these five currencies, depending on the network for which you have earned commissions.

Please check your PayPal Help Center website for how PayPal handles foreign currency payments and for any fees that PayPal may charge you for receiving foreign currencies.

PayPal Currency Balances

You will have a primary currency on your PayPal account, which by default, is the currency of the country on your PayPal account, for sending and requesting payments.

If you receive commissions in a currency you hold, the money will automatically appear in your account in that currency.

If you receive commissions in a currency you do not hold, please check your PayPal Help Center website to learn how PayPal handles foreign currencies.

Receiving Money

You will need to earn a minimum of 50 currency units in commissions in order to receive payments via PayPal.

Please check with PayPal to confirm any receiving limits that PayPal may impose on your account, depending on your PayPal country.

There are PayPal imposed limits on the amount of money that Rakuten Marketing can send to you in a single transaction, based on currency. If your PayPal payment exceeds a certain amount, your payment will be delivered to you in separate amounts.

For example, if you receive your payments in USD, and your total commission for a given payment is USD 50,000, you will receive five separate payments to your PayPal account, each in the amount of USD 10,000.

Here are the individual limits based on currency type for all the possible currencies in which Rakuten Marketing will be sending out PayPal payments:

  • USD 10,000
  • EUR 8,000
  • CAD 12,500
  • GBP 5,500
  • AUD 12,500

For more on PayPal, please visit our Publisher Help Center or reach out