The affiliate marketing industry has never evolved more than it has in the past year. Lockdown restrictions forced waves of new consumers online. Businesses around the world had to adapt to a primarily digital world faster than ever. Terms such as “performance” and “incrementality” became buzzwords within the advertising industry.

As a longstanding member of IAB Australia’s Affiliate Marketing Working Group, Rakuten Advertising has worked with its industry peers to release the latest Affiliate Marketing Industry Review. This report surveyed over 130 advertisers and agencies within the affiliate industry in Australia and contains valuable insights into the performance of this channel as it grew over the past year.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a veteran in the industry, the survey results will help you uncover what’s important to Australian marketers. The report showcases the most popular publisher models, how marketers measure success and their average monthly investments across the channel.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • Over two-thirds of survey participants saw an increase in affiliate spend across 2020, with a third spending over $50,000 per month through the channel
  • 70% of brands saw an overall increase in business across 2020, and 68% recorded increased revenue through the affiliate channel specifically
  • When compared with other marketing activities, 71% of respondents rated affiliates a 7 out of 10 or higher for return on investment
  • Priorities for affiliate marketers in Australia include:
    • Richer integration with other digital marketing activity
    • Education on assessing and measuring incrementality of the channel
    • Diverse affiliate models to generate scale
    • Opportunities for training, events and networking

For more information and to access the full report, please download the IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Industry Review 2021 today and reach out to your Rakuten Advertising representative with any further questions.

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