Travel Insurance Direct (TID) gives travellers the confidence to explore their world by taking care of the ‘what ifs’ of travel. At TID, they understand that life’s better when on holiday and live for the feeling that only travel can bring. Since 2002, the TID team have been looking out for travellers. Covering people from Australia travelling to over 100 countries around the world, with medical and evacuation cover, 24-hour emergency assistance and cover for a large range of activities and ‘what if’ scenarios.

Marketing Objective:
As a key sponsor of the Australian music and arts event, Falls Festival, Travel Insurance Direct wanted to run a lead generation campaign utilising the social expertise of the Rakuten Marketing team.

The lead-gen incentive was a competition to win a VIP experience for the entrant and three friends at the annual Falls Fest. In addition to achieving the cost-per-lead (CPL) target of AU$6, the TID team had two focus goals:

  1. Tap into a key millennial audience
  2. Grow their audience by 10,000 

The team of experts at Rakuten Marketing devised numerous keyword and pixel-based audiences, ranging from festival goers to foodies, to generate a wide and relevant reach. They also made sure to set up exclusions to avoid irrelevant audiences; keeping CPMs low. The key custom audiences were used to create further lookalikes and more intelligent targeting depth, which, when combined with Facebook’s technology, was highly intuitive.

At the time of the campaign, Rakuten Marketing had been running programmatic and social campaigns for TID for over a year. This allowed the Rakuten Marketing team to leverage learnings from past campaigns and provide insight and guidance to TID on the most suitable campaign creative and audiences that would drive high ad engagement and conversions.

Throughout the life of the campaign, the Rakuten Marketing team paid close attention to campaign performance; ensuring budgets were optimised into top performing strategies and creatives to achieve the target cost per lead and exceed the number of lead goals.

The campaign was a massive success for TID, day one achieved 1454 leads and the campaign saw a total of 13,415 leads and CPL of $3.82.

“This lead-gen campaign exceeded our expectations with the CPL much lower than forecasted. The Rakuten team were great in the whole running of the campaign, from audience and strategy set up, through to optimising effectively once the campaign had gone live.”
– Brona Hyndman, Acquisition Marketing Manager,
Travel Insurance Direct

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