Tiffany & Co. is an iconic brand, synonymous with luxury and style. Since 2017, Rakuten Marketing has partnered with Tiffany & Co. to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth for their business in Australia through display and social activity.

“The Rakuten Marketing team has always shown high-value commitment towards
the Tiffany & Co. brand and became over the years one of our most valuable partners.”
– Tiffany & Co

As a luxury brand, revenue growth could not be delivered at the expense of their brand image, and therefore the objective of driving revenue and ROI growth has always been tempered by the need for on-brand creative and site-placements.

Tiffany & Co. started programmatic activity with Rakuten Marketing with a narrow scope (limited web inventory, restricted targeting and static creative). By adopting a test & learn approach, new optimisations and strategies were employed to tactically expand activity across display and social to drive revenue growth.

  • Dynamic Product Ads were introduced across social media and display banners to increase delivery of sales and ROI.
  • Rakuten and Tiffany & Co. agreed to extend targeting, and media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to broaden engagement and reach.
  • Rakuten and Tiffany & Co. agreed to extend activity to new prospects.
  • Rakuten and Tiffany & Co. agreed to serve ads to all users, not just those who viewed over a specific price point.
  • Rakuten and Tiffany & Co. agreed to use overlays on DPAs to increase customer conversion.

By continually optimising activity, introducing new strategies, and reviewing performance, Rakuten Marketing and Tiffany & Co. were successfully able to increase performance across social and display channels, while upholding the Tiffany & Co. brand name and image.

Off the back of the strategic partnership between Rakuten Marketing and Tiffany & Co., the below results were achieved between 2017 and 2018.

  • YoY revenue delivered by display and social campaigns increased 69%.
  • Traffic increased 68%.
  • Sales increased 48%.
  • ROI improved 5%.

Total Revenue delivered during Q4 2018 was +35% compared to 2017, showing the importance of strategic program management over key retail periods. ROI also improved during Q4 2018 +10% compared to 2017.

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