Rakuten Advertising is excited to launch The Road to Recovery.

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Visit The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery looks at the impact 2020 has had on publisher and advertisers and explores what it will take to get the industry back on track. We’ve gathered insights from our publisher network, brands and partners and explored our affiliate data to create actionable consumer-led strategies to thrive in the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Visit The Road to Recovery and you’ll…

  • Hear from our publishers: We surveyed our publisher network to understand the challenges they have faced during 2020 and uncovered how their audiences are behaving.
  • Find out what the experts have to say: We spoke to some of our brands and partners about the upcoming peak shopping period, current challenges and planned solutions for the peak quarter and beyond!
  • The lead up to Cyber Week: It’s impossible to predict how consumers will purchase this year and whether their current optimism will translate into the usual high sales. We’ve looked at month on month trends from our network to show behaviour in the run-up to Cyber Week.
  • The New Rules: Our experts have broken down some key strategies to help advertisers respond to the insights we’ve seen from consumers and our network. Uncover shopper led strategies for Q4.