Each month our Publisher Showcase highlights an innovative publisher from the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. This month we sit down with Shop You – the shopping app that’s all about you.

Who are you and what do you do?
Kelly Slessor, CEO and Founder of Shop You. Shop You uses artificial intelligence to enhance the shopping experience, our stylist U personalises recommendations and suggests fashion that suits users style, size and body shape.  

Who is your target audience?
Our target audience are females aged 25 to 45

How long have you been using affiliate marketing as a channel?
We officially launched in February 2018

What kind of advertisers are your ideal partners?
Mainstream fashion brands

What unique offering do you bring to the table that other affiliates don’t offer?
We offer personalistion, artificial intelligence and a chat bot!

What new innovations will we see from you in 2018?
Improvements in our natural language processing, for example, the ability to type I would like a black dress to go to a 30th birther party – the algorithm understands the context and serves users options based on their style and body shape.

Describe what excites your most about the affiliate marketing industry
Ability to connect simply and seamlessly with retailers

If advertisers aren’t yet partnered with you, why should they jump on board?
It gives brands the opportunity to integrate with future technology without the cost of build and having to find people with the skills to construct the build. 

To find out how you can work with Shopyou, visit rakutenmarketing.com.au or reach out to one of our experts at rm-salesapac@mail.rakuten.com