Duomai is one of the largest sub-networks in China, creating significant opportunties to drive sales for advertisers and revenue for publishers. Established in 2011, Duomai has over 100,00 publishers and partners with over 1000 advertisers, providing multichannel marketing opportunities for the Chinese market, coupled with excellent brand exposure across a variety of international publishers.



Marketing Objective:
Q4 is a busy time for advertisers and publishers with key retail events such as Singles’ Day, Double12, Cyber Weekend and Christmas taking place. Duomai wanted to provide advertisers with increased exposure opportunities in China, to ensure they are able to make the most of Q4 sales.

Duomai aimed to provide advertisers with 100% media coverage for affiliates working in the Greater China Region, they did this through:

  • Strengthened relationships with content websites to increase conversions by providing:
    • Personalised content
    • Onsite banner placement to provide further exposure
  • Driving customer loyalty with educational posts from content affiliates targeted towards:
    • Providing an overview of the advertiser and exposing Chinese consumers to the brand
    • Assisting Chinese consumers in navigating advertisers websites, encouraging them to make purchases
  • Enhanced brand awareness by partnering with Wechat and Weibo Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):
    • Partnerships with leading fashion editors
    • Increased content features
    • Further exposure to the Wechat and Weibo online communities

Duomai provided increased exposure for their advertisers resulting in increased sales and additional sub-affiliates joining programs. Further results for Duomai include;

  • Traffic and revenue driven by Duomai in Q4 increased 500%
  • Key Chinese retail events Singles’ Day (11.11) and Double 12 generated over $600 M in sales for Duomai partners
  • In Q4 of 2017 Duomai drove over $3 billion in sales
  • Over 300 new fashion focused publishers joined the Duomai sub-network in Q4
  • Duomai is the preferred sub-network for publishers in China, generating 400% more revenue in Q4 2017 than the previous year

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