“At HP we value our customers and constantly strive to drive better user experiences for them across all channels. Data is at the center of all our decisions. The Rakuten Marketing team has been working with HP for the past 3+ years helping to drive higher conversions through display and social retargeting campaigns. Their dedication in understanding the HP business and commitment to work towards achieving our goals have seen some great results over the past years. We continue to see growth and value in this partnership.”
– Paromita Mitra, Head of Digital Marketing, HP Omnichannel 

HP, a leading global technology company, delivers personal systems and printing innovations that empower people to create, interact and inspire like never before.

HP’s mission is to invent technologies and services that drive business value, create social benefits and improve the lives of customers – with a focus on affecting the greatest number of people possible.

Marketing Objectives:
HP Australia had aggressive growth targets and leveraged the expertise of the Rakuten Marketing social team in utilising product intelligence tools for automated social advertising to boost conversions as much as possible.

The Rakuten Marketing social offering integrates product discovery and optimisation with consumer intelligence to drive incremental revenue through prospecting and retargeting campaigns, collecting, testing and optimising product-performance data in real-time.

Rakuten Marketing used product intelligence tools to encourage product discovery by introducing new HP products to relevant audience segments, using predictive marketing and optimisation engines. The automated process selected likely-to-perform products from HP’s catalogue, tested those products within various market segments and used the data to dynamically optimise ads with the highest-performing product for a much larger group of similar consumers.

The Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) site retargeting and lookalike prospecting capabilities within Facebook, in addition to the Rakuten Marketing custom audience targeting was used to identify the value of an audience at a product level, producing lucrative lookalike audiences.

The Rakuten Marketing team worked with HP Australia to determine the below campaign goals:

  • Use dynamic product ads with product boosting from product intelligence learnings
  • Generate an ROI goal of $15:1

The campaign exceeded the desired ROI goal of $15:1 by 44%. Mobile web proved lucrative for the campaign, especially throughout June. However, it was Facebook’s desktop newsfeed that drove the most success for HP Australia. In terms of categories, computers generated the highest amount of revenue from purchases.

Other campaign highlights include:

  • 1.6m impressions served throughout the campaign duration
  • Click-through-rate of 2.66%
  • Average PC ROAS of $6
  • ROAS of $27:1

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