Cashrewards is Australia’s number 1 savings site, paying over 325,000 Australians to shop! With 2% of all online retail sales in Australia originating from Cashrewards, the team are experiencing continued membership growth, and driving increased sales for the Australian affiliate marketing industry.

Cashrewards are dedicated to delivering performance based results for their advertisers through increased basket sizes, increased frequency of purchase and introducing new consumers to brands. 

To meet their objectives, Cashrewards have developed key focal points for their strategy:

  • Customer experience – The Cashrewards website has undergone several modifications to improve the look and feel, including the relaunch of the Cashrewards blog. The blog is has become a great forum for Cashrewards to add additional content including details of products and brands. In addition to this, Cashrewards have introduced fast payments to members, PayPal as a pay-out option and two party authentication for members as an increased security protection measure.
  • Relationship with clients – Cashrewards pride themselves on their excellent account management, regularly attending client meetings and industry events to ensure existing and potential clients are fully conversant with their proposition and offering. The team have a flexible and honest approach to client management, providing feedback on what will and won’t perform with their audience.
  • Overall value proposition – Having introduced PayPal as a redemption method, Cashrewards are expanding their offering into new regions and running member acquisition campaigns for an international audience. To further add value to advertisers and members, Cashrewards have launched a WeChat channel and are introducing WePay to strengthen their position in the region.

Cashrewards have experienced phenomenal success increasing membership by 62% Year-on-Year (YoY). The growth of Cashrewards has been reflected in their clicks and sales figures, with further results including:

  • Revenue through the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network in Australia increasing 53% YoY
  • Traffic driven to client’s sites growing 49% YoY
  • The average return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) for clients of Cashrewards is $14
  • 21% YoY increase in the number of partnerships through the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network

Interested in working with Cashrewards? Find out how by speaking to one of our experts at rm-salesapac@mail.rakuten.com or visit rakutenmarketing.com.au