GDPR is here, and organisations need to know how to respond to the threat of data breaches. Learn how to be prepared should you experience a data breach in this whitepaper from Rakuten Marketing.

GDPR: Understanding and Responding to Data Breaches

data breaches gdpr whitepaperGDPR went into effect on May 25, and with it comes the very real concern about data breaches. Data breaches are a serious and dangerous threat to everyone – from the consumers who have willingly shared their personal information, to the brands that were entrusted to protect it. Compromised personal data has a range of bad effects, from the consumer’s lost trust to fines.

Protecting you and your brand from breaches is only part of being prepared. Should you or your organisation experience a data breach you must have a plan in place. That plan must be GDPR-compliant by following a set of steps and responses within certain time frames.

In our latest whitepaper, we took a look at data breaches in the scope of GDPR. The whitepaper covers terminology you need to understand, steps you need to take to identify a data breach, and the response plan you’ll need to have in place to be compliant with this new EU legislation.

Download the whitepaper here!


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