2019 global influencer survey, influencer marketing report, influencer marketing survey, influencer marketingYou don’t have to be a Beckham, Chrissy Teigen or Grumpy Cat to make money as an online influencer!

Rakuten Marketing is excited to today release the findings of our latest global study into Influencer Marketing. Based on responses from over 700 marketers working for consumer-facing brands and 3,500 consumers globally, we’ve determined how brands and shoppers are engaging with influencers.

Our latest research shows 59% of global marketers are increasing their budget for influencer campaigns. Celebrity influencers account for 30% of annual influencer spend compared to 36% for micro-influencers, suggesting that follower size may not be the only factor considered by marketers.

For consumers, authenticity and true brand advocacy are most important when it comes to the influencers they follow. According to the study, 80% of surveyed consumers have been inspired to purchase based on what they saw from an influencer, but 37% of consumers would stop following an influencer if they post content that does not align with their core values, personal opinions and ethics.

The study uncovers further insights from marketers including concerns with transparency and a lack of understanding from marketers around how influencer fees are calculated. From a consumer perspective, we explore the most popular influencer types, how consumers discover brands through influencers and the rising power of international influencers.

Download the report today to gain additional influencer insights to enhance and empower your influencer marketing strategy.