Women shopping the Click Frenzy Mayhem event in her lounge roomLast month Click Frenzy kicked off the first of their 24-hour sales bonanza for 2019 with the annual MayHem event. According to data collected by Hitwise, traffic to the Click Frenzy website increased 46% YoY, with 1.1 million shoppers flocking to the site over the 24 hours.

Click Frenzy’s success is continuing on an upwards trajectory, and Australian shoppers are now conditioned to anticipate the sales bonanza. Many affiliate publishers have taken note and have been quick to leverage consumers who are actively seeking deals with a heightened propensity to convert during this period.

Knowing consumers are going to be spending and preparing great offers and promotions is one thing, the question though, is how retailers and publishers can alike continue an on the upwards trajectory and drive even greater performance?

The answer, of course, is with data. Understanding how performance improved and knowing when and where consumers are shopping can propel strategies and drive higher performance than ever before.

According to data from the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network, the Monday before Click Frenzy (Monday, May 20th) experienced a 66% Week-on-Week (WoW) increase in conversion rate. Over recent years, retailers have begun running offers in conjunction with Click Frenzy, and this increase in conversion rate is indicative of the success experienced by employing this strategy.

Turning to the event itself, Tuesday, May 21 saw clicks grow 37% WoW, orders increase by 108%, while sales experienced a 94% WoW uptick and conversion rate increased 52%.

On Wednesday, May 22nd, the numbers continued to climb with clicks (+28%), orders (+92%), sales (+82%) and conversion rate (+50%) all experiencing double-digit WoW growth. It’s important to note that in a similar way to how Monday saw conversion increases, sales and orders on Thursday, May 23rd experienced steady WoW increase.

Clicks peaked on both Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm, as shoppers eagerly began searching for deals, or frantically attempted to purchase before sales ended.

On Tuesday, orders peaked between 8 –10pm, although were strongest at 9pm, where the conversion rate averaged 6.6%. Wednesday conversions which peaked at 9am, indicate people are shopping as soon as they arrive at work. Although the event technically ended at 7pm on Wednesday, many retailers extended their sales which proved fruitful as Wednesday’s conversions were strongest between 8 and 11pm.

In 2019, mobile accounted for just under 50% of all clicks through the event, but orders and sales remained highest on desktop with the device securing more than 60% of market share. For retailers, this indicates that while consumers will browse on mobile, perhaps while commuting to and from work, they still prefer to convert on desktop.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Retailers and affiliates who understand how consumers are not only engaging with their brand, but retail events, and then employee this into their strategies are going to continue to deliver strong performance growth and on the upwards trajectory.

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