brown handbag with black diary and iphone, lipstick, jewellery and sunglasses  Rakuten Marketing today release Cyber Weekend retail data and reveal revenue driven by mobile increased 52 per cent from 2017.

Cyber Weekend continues to gain momentum with Australian consumers as international retailers extend their offers to the region, and local players leverage the US holiday as an opportunity to reach and engage consumers with discounts in the lead-up to Christmas.

According to Rakuten Marketing data, Cyber Weekend revenue increased 14% from 2017. Mobile sales accounted for 18 per cent of online retail sales over Cyber Weekend, growing revenue by 50% on Black Friday.

Other Rakuten Marketing performance data highlights include:

  • Pageviews improved 20% Year-on-Year (YoY) with views on mobile exceeding 50 per cent growth
  • Cyber Weekend Average Order Value (AOV) increased 5 per cent from 2017 on Black Friday and 7 per cent on Cyber Monday
  • Over Cyber Weekend, digital advertising impressions grew 85% YoY

“Cyber Weekend retail performance shows record growth, as consumers take advantage of sales from local and international retailers, providing brands with a fantastic opportunity to connect customers, with their brand” said JJ Eastwood, Managing Director, Rakuten Marketing Asia-Pacific. “The holiday season is just getting started, and December promises to be another high performing month as Australian consumers race to finish their holiday shopping. These peak retail periods continue to demonstrate the importance of retailers in creating seamless customer experiences as consumers continue to shop across devices and instore.”