Prof. Joel Pearson & David Watson from Spartan to keynote DealMaker SydneyRakuten Marketing is excited to announce that Professor Joel Pearson from the University of NSW and David Watson, VP of Product at Spartan Race will keynote DealMaker Sydney.

In the world of science, Joel Pearson is considered the world expert in the human imagination, intuition hallucinations and consciousness research. Founder of MindX, a lab spin-out that focuses on the neuroscience and psychology of advertising and marketing, Joel is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of NSW, and the founder and director of Future Minds Lab.

Joel will be leading a keynote exploring the neuroscience behind advertising and the art of storytelling.

David Watson is currently the global head of Product for Spartan Race, one of the world’s leading endurance sports and lifestyle brands with obstacle races in more than 42-countries and 1 million+ participants each year. In a session titled We are Spartan: The Content and Community Behind a Global Brand. David explores what it takes to build a badge brand and a global community of Spartans.

In addition to the keynote sessions from Joel and David, DealMaker Sydney will host two-panel sessions:

  1. Tackling the Blind Spot – Connecting Online & Offline Opportunities
  2. The Digital Maelstrom – Change, Challenges & Innovation

Rakuten Marketing’s famous DealSpace session is back in 2019, DealMaker attendees will have the opportunity to meet with our event sponsors:

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