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Affiliate Trend Watch Panel 2023

Get exclusive insights into the latest Affiliate Trends from our panel session at DealMaker USA. Discover industry-first data, cutting-edge insights, and strategies to stay ahead of the game in affiliate marketing.
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DealMaker USA 2023 Highlights

DealMaker USA 2023 in La Quinta, CA was the affiliate event of the year. Read our recap to hear how the event was a success for all!
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Back-to-School 2023: Trends and Predictions

Get ready for the 2023 back-to-school season! Discover insights on shopping trends, consumer behavior, and strategies for success. Maximize your opportunities and deliver value with our network data and research.

Singles’ Day 2022 Recap

Now that Singles’ Day 2022 has come and gone, we can reflect on the click trends from across the globe. Our live data feed ran through November 12th and compared live click trends in 2022 with click trends from 2021.

How To Leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Financial Dashboard to Manage and Grow Your Affiliate Program

Financial issuers must stay on top of performance trends so they can optimize their affiliate campaigns and expand their business. Having the right tools to view which partners are growing, where conversion is strongest, and what trends are emerging over time ensures that every dollar in the affiliate channel is maximized.

Global Vertical Trends Signal Evolving Market Needs

Over the course of the past week, there has been a string of good news stories from around the world.
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Introducing the ‘2021 Digital Trends’ Report

A new year brings with it new trends and opportunities in digital marketing. After a tough year where we all had to find new ways to navigate this new world, we are introducing the 2021 digital trends and uncovering possibilities in the digital marketing space to stay ahead of your competition and have a productive year.

Rakuten Advertising’s Insights and Analytics Portal Helps You Act on Trends Quickly

Identifying and acting on trends within your digital marketing channels is crucial to staying ahead in today’s hyper competitive online world.
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2022 Media & Performance Marketing Trends

Over recent years the e-commerce industry has accelerated as the world continues to move in and out of lockdown. Changes in shopper behavior combined with privacy regulations have brands and agencies constantly on their toes as they seek out the most effective strategies to engage and ultimately convert consumers.  

Outthink and Outperform: 2023 Affiliate Trends

It’s hard to believe that another year is ending with many people looking back on the year that was and forward to what’s to come. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, 2023 promises to be another year that keeps everyone on their toes.

Holiday 2022 Shopping Trends: Expectations vs. Reality

In October and December 2022, we surveyed 15,000 US Consumers about their holiday shopping plans. Then, after all the celebrations ended and the holiday decorations came down, we followed up with another short survey to see if their anticipated spending and gifting went according to plan.

DealMaker USA 2022 Recap

Rakuten Advertising held DealMaker USA in person for the first time in two years from June 27th through June 29th, 2022 with the theme “doing business shouldn’t be this much fun.”